OTC Pills Kill More Than Guns?

Why Is Medical Marijuana Main Focus?

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Pssst… Pssst… “Mr. Obama, can we talk for a second? Did you know that your buddies over at ‘BigPharma.com’ are responsible for killing about 285 + U.S. citizens per day? That smokes the nearest competition on our race to the “grim reaper.” The scary thing is … we know that’s the subdued number, scaled back by the unadventurous souls over at the “Journal of the American Medical Association?”
Since we live in a skeptical world… and most need some type of evidence in black and white, to feel “warm and fuzzy” about the info they will regurgitate; and use against the uninformed later on, in meaningless “small talk” conversations…here’s the source: JAMAVol. 284 – No 4, July 26th 2000
This is an OTC pill slaughter of epic proportions… brought to us by the big boys: GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer Inc., Eli Lilly, and Co. The not so funny thing about this –the Feds are about to hop on the profit train.

The U.S. government will help drug companies find treatments for a host of diseases through a new collaboration in which researchers will test experimental drugs provided by manufacturers.
The National Institutes of Health said on Thursday that Pfizer Inc, AstraZeneca Plc and Eli Lilly and Co have agreed to make 24 compounds available for a pilot phase of the project, the biggest of its kind ever launched in the United States. [Source]

The good old boys’ lips are sealed on this one, no one in Washington is talking. They’d rather talk about the “Evils of Marijuana” than about the multitudes of prescription drug deaths. Where is the tearful child whose mother is addicted to prescription pills? Working the corner to pay for her habit, shown only on the evening news as a busted prostitute.
Make no mistake about it folks this is “chemical apocalypse.” It happens silently, hidden in the shadows, and behind the nicest closed doors. To put this info into the proper context; imagine if you will, a 747 fully loaded with mothers, fathers, and other innocents… slamming into the ground, killing all on board. Day, after day, after day. Never ending, no help in sight… and not a word of it in the press.
But in this greed driven world, where a backslap, a wink, and a nod can bring mass death and greed-driven docs are habitually corrupted by the “good ol boys” that run these giant drug companies… and increasing our country.
As the CDC’s numbers clearly demonstrate – Guns kill, but at least you know that they kill. Their only job is to kill. You don’t expect your medication to have the same potential outcome as a gun, not to mention out pace it, and yet – the total sum of lives lost in the U.S. each year is crudely put around 12,600. So in a perfect world that would mean a person has a 62% higher risk of being “offed” by the pills prescribed by very own your doctor, than being killed by a nut-bag with a gun. Put another way… what happened in Colorado last week, would have to happen once an hour, every day, 365 days a year. CRAZY! Yet marijuana prosecution is the administration’s main focus. Source: Marijuana.com

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