A.M.A. is in it for the profits. Big Pharma corruption. DOX them.

And while the AMA may not outright support medical marijuana there are plenty of doctors within the organization that do support the use of MMJ. Also the views of the medical community on medical marijuana are rapidly changing and becoming much more friendly. Here is a quick list of medical organizations that do support MMJ: http://arcompassion.org/about-medica…ical-marijuana


Great news, I think. Any evaluation modestly grounded in reality will show the absurdity of the current scheduling.
i could write a dissertation on it, my life being a testimony to the fact, but it wasn’t appropriate and i can come off pretty righteous at times but i’m also painfully human and imho a big part of finding balance in life was accepting both parts and you know i was so sure of the answer before it really knew what it is
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