The real money is in the treatment, not the cure.

look no further than how the present day medical field is conducted to find your answers for these. Standard treatments for disease are often not specifically tailored to the patient like they should be. The government allows medicines to be sold that include stroke as a side effect. What is the point of taking something to lower blood pressure if there is a good chance it may kill you? I don’t know, but the FDA sure seems to think its worth it.

The thing I don’t get is why people think if it is finally federally acceptable as medicine, that it wouldn’t follow the path of all other medicines.

Can you grow oxys? make and sell your own viagra? Medicine is the most heavily regulated and controlled thing going. About 2% of our food is inspected, yet medicine is tracked down to the pill. There is no good argument from the opponents point of view as to why people should be allowed to randomly make their own medicines and sell them to the seriously ill. i don’t think they’d be fans of going back to the days of snake oil salesmen.

Time will tell.

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