Invite Dump

This is how you would get together with a group and send invites to build up a Google Group. You can only invite Ten people at a time, but you can have a team of people sending invites, if you have a long list, you can share the list with the group, and as the people send invites they can mark their progress on the shared list to make sure the same person doesn’t get invited more than once.

First you create a Google Group, and since we’re doing an invite dump, this is going to be a long list of email addresses, therefore, we don’t want each recipient to automatically have access to the list. If any recipient has any questions after receiving an email they will be directed to send an email to the admins.

First go to and select the group for which you would like to send a lot of invitations.

Then click “Manage”
Click “Members” and “Invite members”
Then go to your Google Docs Spreadsheet containing the list of email addresses, highlight ten, hold down “ctrl” and push “c”.
Then go to Gmail, click “Compose”
paste the column of email addreses into the “To” field. Then click in the “Subject” field.
Click in the “To” field and hold down “ctrl” and push “a” this will select all. Then hold down “ctrl” and push “c” this will copy the list of emails that is now in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format.
Then go to and click in the “Enter email addresses” field. Then hold down “ctrl” and push “v” to paste the CSV list.
Then go over to wherever you’re storing your invite message, in this case, I have it in a Google Doc Document. Click in the message, hold down “ctrl” and push “a” then hold down “ctrl” and push “c”.
Then go back over to and paste the invite message into the “Write an invitation message” field.
Click “Send invites” and you will be prompted to type out a captcha.
Type it out, click “continue” and repeat this process for the next ten emails. Do this over and over again, ten emails at a time until you’ve invited the whole list.
Thank you!   🙂
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