ASA vs DEA Ruling Opinions.

SO, my understanding is either EVERYONE has Standing or nobody has Standing. So, this is a Standing challenge against one person. Someone who wasn’t from one of the 17 mmj states. It may very well be a way for the court to wiggle out….

Government repression goes all the way back to the days of Christ. When Jesus said The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and strong men take it by force. He was speaking of the government and the people that challenged them… you can find that in Matthew 11:12 he’s talking about the Pharisees rejection of John the Baptist and his teachings.

Now that they have the patent on it, they won’t have much trouble legalizing it. They just have to make it look like they thought it over hard and long!

? How do you patent a plant anyway … Think I’ll file a patent on ….. Air! Yeah that’s the ticket I’ll patent air and charge the worlds population $5.00 a day to breath. You can start paying in advance now if you like. ….Oh yeah, and I got dibs on the water patent too.

That is just how the “United Corporation of the states of America” works! It’s all about the all mighty dollar…even though the US can’t back the dollar up with any gold!

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