The Problem with our HealthCare System

Just read a nice blog a friend created and wanted to share it so here it is.

“Last week before I left Albuquerque to head here I had a very stressful week. Moving is always pure craziness, but on top of that–and school–I had several doctors appointments following up on some recent tests. On FB I relayed a story about an encounter I had with a physician–a very nice woman BTW–and I want to post it here as well…It is a good example of the social issues I am concentrating on in my studies, because it highlights the lack of listening and care that is going on in our medical establishment. When even a reasonably informed and strong willed patient cannot be heard how can weaker patients even survive in this system?”

August 30th:

Dr M: Even though you say you have your symptoms under control with cannabis and are in much better shape than you were in January…BUT I believe in the long-term you will be better if you take this prescription (handing me the script). However, you should know that you must take this medicine consistently for 3-6 months before we know if it will work for you? However, I would expect it to help with this condition long term.

Me: What are the side-effects?

Dr M: Well nausea and vomiting are the worst side effects overall.

The Problem with our HealthCare System

Me: Well, I mentioned I qualified for Medical Cannabis under the condition of nausea and vomiting…so I am not inclined to take something that will make it worse, especially now that it’s under control unless it is otherwise a miracle drug of some kind for this condition…is it?

“The Problem with our HealthCare System”

Dr. M: Not a miracle…like I said, you need to take it for 3-6 months before we even know if it is going to work for you.

Me: So I need to take this for 3-6 months before I know it is going to work—3 times a day? Fighting the nausea and vomiting…and HOPE THAT IT WORKS?

Dr. M: Yes—oh and one more thing—one of the side effects that I have been seeing a lot of is hair loss—not all your hair mind you, but somewhere on your head you might lose say a 2-3” diameter of hair and be left with a bald spot…maybe not, but I am seeing a lot of this in my patients…but most of them don’t mind because their hair is so thin, but you are so much younger, I thought I should warn you.

Me: So you are asking me to take a prescription that may or may NOT work, for 3-6 months, fight additional nausea and vomiting even though I am struggling to put on weight—and have in fact only recently found relief through medical cannabis—just to see if this works—and I might lose a big chunk of my hair????

Dr M: Yes….but, I really think you should try it.

Me: Okay the I have one more question…

Dr. M: Yes…

Me: ARE YOU HIGH??? NO! That is not an option!

This is exactly what’s wrong with the pharma-physio medine being practiced in America. I left the doctors off without the prescription, stopping at the desk to schedule tests. When I was nearing the elevator the doctor ran down the hall hollering my name–she shoved the prescriptions in my hand, asked me to fill them today at the IHS pharmacy and at least consider this mediation because it was ‘the best thing for me.’ (My question:  Does she get paid for this if I fill it–especially if I fill it through Indian Health Services?–I know I am jaded).

Later that night, in conversation with a friend who is also a physician I rehashed this story–I was pleased when he responded “Throw that shit away–there is no way you need to be taking that medicine, especially if your symptoms are already under control.” This leaves me wishing there were more doctors like him, and fewer like her….ugh! So much work needs to be done…but I believe medicalization will bring legalization, and both will lead to a complete overhaul of our medical establishment. It’s long overdue!

The Problem with our HealthCare System

The Problem with our HealthCare System

In short there is a Cartel of doctors and big pharma and don’t get me wrong not all Doctors and not all life saving drugs but enough to destroy our system and turn our seniors in to addicts


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