43 trillion dollar lawsuit against our own Government, Banks, and wall street

Please read about the 43 trillion dollar lawsuit against our own Government, Banks, and wall street, PLEASE! I am begging you to read this story and understand the significance of it. The Mainstream news source CNBC reported on this lawsuit and the next day the Executive of CNBC found his children murdered. This is a true story.
The Corruption and blatant assassination of children is proof of violent intimidation in mainstream news to report what they are told to report. If they disobey, the consequences are fatal. This is not the first time someone has died for whistle blowing… an Exxon exec was murdered in front of his wife when he told the truth of the company’s corruption. This is the most important thing I will ever share on facebook and I beg you, if you have any shred of respect and love for your country you will read this story and think about what it really means …if you do read this story, I ask only that you hit the like and if you dare, share it.

Please…this is truly important.

Thank you in advance.
Much Love ♥




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