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Exclusive: Why Can’t You Smoke Pot? Because Lobbyists Are Getting Rich Off of the War on Drugs

John Lovell is a lobbyist who makes a lot of money from making sure you can’t smoke a joint. That’s his job. He’s a lobbyist for the police unions in Sacramento, and he is a driving force behind grabbing Federal dollars to shut down the California marijuana industry. I’ll get to the evidence on this important story in a bit, but first, some context.

At some point in the distant past, the war on drugs might have been popular. But not anymore — the polling is clear, but beyond that, the last three Presidents have used illegal drugs. So why do we still put hundreds of thousands of people in steel cages for pot-related offenses? Well, there are many reasons, but one of them is, of course, money in politics. Corruption. Whatever you want to call it, it’s why you can’t smoke a joint without committing a crime, though of course you can ingest any number of pills or drinks completely within the law.

Some of the groups who want to keep the drug illegal are police unions that want more members to pay more dues. One of the primary sources for cash for more policing activities are Federal grants for penalizing illegal drug use, which help pay for overtime, additional police officers, and equipment for the force. That’s what Lovell does, he gets those grants. He also fights against democratic mechanisms to legalize drugs. Continue reading

Cannabis debates part 6 LULZ – wow!

  • Myrights • 3 months ago

    I say these 5 groups are **cked

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    Hope Jentis Petzel • 3 months ago

    Well, if your job was totally dependent on the war on drugs, and you didn’t have the skills or the intelligence to find another job where you would be grossly overpaid, perhaps you would lobby against it too. But we are comparing apples to oranges. Free thinking adults who are truly able to think for themselves know and understand the truth. Especially the pharmaceutical companies who started the entire thing with………….Well, read on:

    Gateway Drug?
    Cannabis cannot be the “Gateway drug” they speak of. It wasn’t the first one to connect those pathways. There was another drug that got there first. It was administered to us by our parents and prescribed to us by our pediatricians. It followed on the heels of what people were still referring to as “THE MIRACLE DRUG”. Yes, pennicillin truly was a miracle drug in it’s day. So why should we not trust our Dr’s when they gave us something that produced instant results and allowed Mom to sleep for what may be the first time in several nights. But the medication prescribed was not for Mom. It was given to baby when their screams from emerging teeth kept us awake for days. It produced instant quiet and let us breathe easy for the first time in who-knows-how-long.

    Well, from WWII until somewhere in the late ’70’s, nearly every baby born was prescribed PARAGORIC as an infant to relieve teething pain. Doctors never gave it a second thought. And best of all, it worked. So Moms never hesitated to use it. So here we are, giving all babies, (before their brains are even fully formed,)a prescription that triggered their brain to release that dopamine. And that connection never really left us. Then, years or decades later, the first time we ever consciously got high, that feeling of dopamine, releasing itself, flooded our subconscious with all the feel-good memories that were suppressed for decades. Bingo! Our brains were ALREADY programmed to respond. So, long before we ever thought of smoking that first hit, we were already programmed to respond to ANY drug. No matter what it was. That’s why people, who never even tried Cannabis, can so easily become addicted to prescription pain relievers. The gateway has been there since infancy. So Cannabis or not, most of us have been pre-programmed to love that dopamine release. So, please stop blaming the Cannabis. Let the blame lie with the real culprit. PARAGORIC, otherwise known as TINCTURE OF OPIUM. Yes, that’s right we were all giving our babies pure opium before we were even aware of what the results might be. So, if you are looking for a “gateway”, there it is.

    The Cause

    Why do you suppose we spend half our lives
    in an attempt to feel euphoric?
    Could it be because, as infants,
    they fed us paragoric?

    “Oh, is your baby teething?
    (This’ll help you cope with ’em)
    Absolutely harmless as can be!
    (It’s merely tincture of Opium!)”

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    W1z11 • 3 months ago

    God made marijuana…man makes booze, pills, meth, etc….who ya gonna trust?

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    Dark Cyberian Knight • 3 months ago

    I’ve known some medical researchers want more access to the restricted canabonoids because they believe there are good medicines to be derived.

    While far less physically harmful than say tobacco inhaling smoke still probably wouldn’t be healthy.
    I can see legitimate reason medically to oppose unregulated smoking marijuana.

    I’d still prefer the government leave it up to us.

    As far as the police go there is that “we can’t be wrong” authoritarian ideology that’s awfully hard for them to shake. Its a lot easier to blame people than deal with the underlying issues.

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    Richfurlong66 • 4 months ago

    How about the Chinese hemp industry?

  • Avatar • 4 months ago

    Money and power addicts do what they do to trigger the same dopamine that junkies trigger with heroin.

    In a sane society, the money and power addicts would be in jail and/or treatment centers for their unconscionable crimes against the environment and humanity. In insane societies cannabis users get arrested while money and power addicts are free to flaunt their dopamine triggers and get away with murder in the blind pursuits of money and power (i.e. dopamine). Continue reading

Cannabis debates part 5 LULZ – wow!

  • Steve Dykstra • 6 months ago

    All of you fools yappin’ about pointless BS need to smoke a joint and chill the F out.

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    A_c_m • 6 months ago

    The headline should have been, “The top five groups that benefit most from the prohibition of marijuana .”

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    KOOL2HANDLE • 6 months ago

    We need to take charge of our lives. Stop letting big brother dictate every little thing we do. People need to stop being dubble standerd. Getting drunk on the week end and going down and voten against a class of people that would not harm a fly, because they would rather smoke a joint insted of. getting drunk out of their minds…Its just not right…familys are being destroyed over a plant that harms no one.

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    Wosiwarrior • 6 months ago

    If it was only because of the above lobbies, cannabis would be legal elsewhere in the world other than the US where parts of these lobbies don’t exist. This is just one point of view, only complaining again rather than acting; nothing which could bring the discussion about the legalization any further… Continue reading

Cannabis debates part 4 LULZ – wow!

    • bugsta • 6 months ago • parent

      Because when the government runs something it quickly goes bankrupt and runs very inefficiency. They were almost forced to privatise some of the prison systems just so they can stay in business. Otherwise the government would not be able to afford to keep the prison open. Its a lot cheaper to pay a private business to run something then for the government to run it itself.

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        Simon in BC • 6 months ago • parent

        This is one of the biggest lies that right wingers try to perpetrate. Organizations can be effective or not regardless of whether they are private or government run. No doubt you are huge supported of the armed forces. Medicare and Medicaid and the entire Social Security program are highly efficient deliverers of their services, much more so that private insurance companies. Meanwhile on the private sector side we have companies like Enron and all the oil companies who reap huge public subsidies while destroying the environment. I could go on and on and on.

        • Avatar
          Nick • 6 months ago • parent

          “Medicare and Medicaid and the entire Social Security program are highly efficient deliverers of their services” – Were you stoned when you wrote this, or have you actually never dealt with these entities? I also spent 20 years in the armed forces: they are enormously inefficient, wasteful organizations. I’m not for privatizing the military and am against privatized correctional institutions, but trying to use bulls__t to support the position does nothing but weaken it. Continue reading

Cannabis debates part 3 LULZ – wow!

Cannabis debates part 2 LULZ – wow!

“If the writing is honest, it can not be separated from the (wo)man who wrote it.”the Webmaster


Cannabis debates part 1 LULZ – wow!

They have a lobby group?

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    Jccollier • 6 months ago • parent

    yea there called senators

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      Grammarnazi • 6 months ago • parent


      I agree with you, but you’d make us [pot legalization advocates] all look like less of a moronic group if you’d use proper grammar. =D Continue reading

Who is keeping it illegal and why…

The drug cartels want to keep it illegal because of the high profits. While there are risks involved, as with any business, the fines, incarcerations, and, of course, the confiscating of shipments, the very fact that it’s a “tax-free” industry makes it highly profitable.

The legal profession also enjoys the current status, aside from the profit motivations mentioned above. Lawyers used in defending drug traffickers and even end users reap a lot of profit as the courts get jammed with more cases. How many other judges are out there that are all too happy to incarcerate that are getting kick-backs from the privatized prison system? There were two juvenile justice judges in Pennsylvania that were sentenced to (minimum security) federal prisons last year for incarcerating young people to the privatized prisons in that state: many of them first time offenders and/or misdemeanors.

War on drugs funding? That money could go to better use. Currently, where I live in Northern Indiana, there are very few mentions of marijuana arrests, other than simple possession. What the local officers are going after are the meth labs. Do they believe that the meth heads will switch to marijuana if it’s legalized?

Since Ronald Reagan declared a “War On Drugs” back in the 80’s, both the number of privatized prisons and the number of people incarcerated have grown sky high. But there is more ot this story as you can see in the commentary below…

During the 1920’s and the 1930’s, alcohol was banned, and yet the number of people using it that were incarcerated was minimal. Between the gang wars and the substandard products (such as bathtub gin, moonshine, and anything else that could harm the average citizen) for the safety of our country, Prohibition was repealed. For once, Pat Robinson had the right idea of legalizing it, for taxation purposes, although it would also relieve some of the pressures of overcrowded prisons. More money could be used to determine a more successful for of rehabilitation to current inmates, or the drain on society would be alleviated. Continue reading

What if?

“If (Marijuana) were unknown, and bio-prospectors were suddenly to find it in some remote mountain crevice, it’s discovery would no doubt be hailed as a medical breakthrough. Scientists would praise it’s potential for treating everything from pain to cancer and marvel at it’s rich pharmacopoeia; many of whose chemicals mimic vital molecules in the human body.” –The Economist

Watch: What if Cannabis Cured Cancer

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