Cannabis debates part 4 LULZ – wow!

    • bugsta • 6 months ago • parent

      Because when the government runs something it quickly goes bankrupt and runs very inefficiency. They were almost forced to privatise some of the prison systems just so they can stay in business. Otherwise the government would not be able to afford to keep the prison open. Its a lot cheaper to pay a private business to run something then for the government to run it itself.

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        Simon in BC • 6 months ago • parent

        This is one of the biggest lies that right wingers try to perpetrate. Organizations can be effective or not regardless of whether they are private or government run. No doubt you are huge supported of the armed forces. Medicare and Medicaid and the entire Social Security program are highly efficient deliverers of their services, much more so that private insurance companies. Meanwhile on the private sector side we have companies like Enron and all the oil companies who reap huge public subsidies while destroying the environment. I could go on and on and on.

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          Nick • 6 months ago • parent

          “Medicare and Medicaid and the entire Social Security program are highly efficient deliverers of their services” – Were you stoned when you wrote this, or have you actually never dealt with these entities? I also spent 20 years in the armed forces: they are enormously inefficient, wasteful organizations. I’m not for privatizing the military and am against privatized correctional institutions, but trying to use bulls__t to support the position does nothing but weaken it.

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            dali • 6 months ago • parent

            Nick: I just chose a spot to insert my comment ( sorry Nick )…umm What was the question?….you guys are paying alot of attention to irrelevent BS here….quit chewing each other out for grammer…its stupid and NON productive…Big interest doesnt/cant controll it as a product to be taxed….Hell man,, its a weed. grows everywhere very well…I feel we just bypass all the BS and plant starts everywhere….problem solved. I quit smoking dope YEARS ago but i recall & still enjoy the benefits…Im not a wasto. And i could care less if you approve of my typing skills. I just feel its time we progressed past the legalization issue and just started planting the stuff everywhere…then…people that want it have it…people that dont can walk past it…No value…free pot….Dow Chemical goes ape and blows us all up….or….they wont.

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            Gifforama • 6 months ago • parent

            Nick: it is a fact that medicare and Medicaids overhead is about 15% less than the standard private insurance company

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          Bethpritchett • 6 months ago • parent

          eh, wrong! My daughter and grand daughter get Medicaid and my mom too. nothing works as it should. outsource companies skimp on providers and services offered. medications are limited. even mental health for special needs is tossed in with drug rehab patients. can’t get any options and people get fed up and just stop trying. its a huge waste of time and money. competitive companies are trying to keep the competition from taking their clients so they offer better services, more providers, less waste. I’ve torked in govt offives. just like DMV, they don’t care. Their GS or union jobs are safe anyway.

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            Scott • 6 months ago • parent

            Bethpritchett: That only happened when they let private insurance companies talke over Medicaid. When it was pure pay per service, it was the easiest, best insurance plan in the country. It was private industry that screwed up that program.

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        Earl Callahan • 6 months ago • parent

        Except for Medicare

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        lizken2007 • 6 months ago • parent

        Unethical as balls. But, you are so very right.

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      Jiao • 6 months ago • parent

      Hey u idiot, the people r all in the same boat wake the fuck up

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      Wwhitm7613 • 6 months ago • parent

      Why do you want to get rid of free market capitalism where you can vote with your dollars and replace it with government politicians who will use your dollars to get reelected?

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    Sfasfa • 6 months ago

    legalize tax and regulate marijuana. Stop the senseless arresting and ruining of people lives. Happy high people do not commit crimes!

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    jana harmon • 6 months ago

    Upholding the right to the planets herbs for healing…whole foods. Marijuana has never caused any harm, or ill effects, it has only increased awareness of it’s need medicinally. Why it is rated as illegal with cocaine etc. is a falsehood and propaganda of the government. The government has always lied. The Police are trained to lie. It is a sick mind that lies and places falsehoods over the people. Perhaps the prisons should be full of lairs….the government be charged with false propagandanating the public from the use of marijuana in it’s benefit to all medicinally. I think that Health Canada in it’s legalization for medicinal purposes is proof that the herb is healing…so is the growth hormone. Proof that we are being held captive by this stupid, lame game of a government.

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    rusty c • 6 months ago

    Keep the Cops in business by keeping the prisons full with our lower classes who cannot defend themselves as vigorously as the wealthy classes who do not go to prisons in our society.

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      AFV • 6 months ago • parent

      Your assuming that it’s the lower classes who get high. They’re just the ones who can’t afford a good lawyer. So I wouldn’t be surprised if lawyers were against it as well.

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        dafuq? • 6 months ago • parent

        Lawyer here. High now. There is always something to litigate, no lawyer relies on stoners for their employment. Considering a stoners reputation, that would not seem logical at all. all in all, there are a lot of people in positions of power who want to keep the status quo. It is very evident here, in one of the most lenient states as far as marijuana use, that this is on the verge of changing. Radical changes by 2016. Mark my words.

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        No • 6 months ago • parent

        I don’t see him making that assumption. You just called him wrong and reiterated his point.

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        CosmosDan • 6 months ago • parent

        No, he’s only saying they are far more likley to go to jail for it. That’s true isn’t it.

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    Michaelmaye34 • 6 months ago

    Why do these groups of people have more priority, then millions of people. Doesn’t everyone deserve the right to benefit off of legalizing cannabis , and getting rid of all the corruption handed down with death sentences, Are we a nation of demise, this shit has to stop, and people need to wake up, the old saying comes to mind, whats good for the goose , is good for the gander. Lets change the tides, and put Americans back into America, land of the free, and home of the brave, our right’s should prevail without stupidity. And these groups shouldn’t have the authority, to tell us how we live, because without us, they wouldn’t exist , greed, and shameful tactics.

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      Dan King • 6 months ago • parent

      Stop voting for corporate-sponsored political party candidates. Corporations know your vote can be bought, so politicians know it makes more sense to go where the money is rather than where the votes are. We can change all that by not voting for a corporate sponsored candidate. Vote for someone you agree with rather than one of the two candidates that have sold the most of their soul. Rather than lesser of two evils, vote your conscious. Gary Johnson2012!

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      lizken2007 • 6 months ago • parent

      Hell yes.

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      Daveholio • 6 months ago • parent

      Michael, the answer to your question is simple. Money. Those corporations have far more money to spend than the people do. Corporate influence on our political and electoral process is nothing less than a cancer destroying our society in the name of greed.

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    Phpstolle • 6 months ago

    how about the oil companies, with only 6% of the farmland you replace cotton,trees for paper pup, and above all fuel to run all the cars in the country.

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    Stephen Blumstein • 6 months ago

    You missed one: organized crime will lose untold billions in profit, so illegal suits them fine.

    .Therefore, the state should decriminalize and sell pot the same way booze sales through

    bootlegging were decriminalized in the states on December 5, 1933. No longer will twice

    as much pot be traded for crack and heroin, and like the domino theory, that underground

    activity will be decimated too. Great way to exit from this recession, pay our bills, arrest

    organized crime drug slave masters who will be virtually penniless in no time, and to

    keep the global drug cartels in check from buying more American guns, and funding terrorism.

    Case closed.

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      Delilah Nichols • 6 months ago • parent

      This paragraph couldn’t be more true. I noticed no one trying to argue with it either. Too bad more people can’t just open their eyes and see the truth right there in front of them, flashing a giant neon sign, and screaming the confession of a liar to blind eyes and deaf ears. So sad. Perhaps one day the truth will become so apparent that no one can deny it anymore, until then, I will keep fighting my fight to educate about marijuana, and to legalize this amazing medicine.

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    judith • 6 months ago

    sounds right. Time too legalize the non gateway drug that big Pharma does not want us to use.

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    Adirondackjdaye • 6 months ago

    a large part of it has to do with oil and plastics. if pot were to be decriminalized, that would free up hemp to be grown.
    That would go a long way towards saving our planet and putting many Americans to work. Hemp can be used for fuel, building material, a much better replacement for cotton and paper pulp, a food source and drugs. It can be grown in every state and would have a beneficially huge impact on our energy crisis.

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    Wynne Linden • 6 months ago

    So now…how about an article on how we can fix this? My daughter is facing a too much time in jail over this while a driver with 6 DUI’s continues to go on living her life in freedom.

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    Doter4u • 6 months ago

    for those of you who think that this tragedy of law is a partisan problem, let me assure you, it is not. BOTH houses are corrupt in their own ways, they are simply competing for your support so that they may maintain control of MONEY. they have donors and lobbyists begging them to take their money, to protect them from what WE THE PEOPLE need. do not think that any single politician can provoke full scale change, this must be a grass roots effort for LIBERTY within this nation, nothing more, and nothing less. A PLAGUE ON BOTH THEIR HOUSES.

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    Viral Videos • 6 months ago

    Prisons for profit are a crime against humanity!

    Also, end the nanny laws!

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    Sam Dollman • 6 months ago

    Go figure — all 5 of these idiot, stupid, worthless groups profit by keeping marijuana illegal

    Yes, the beer & alcohol companies are against the legalization of Marijuana because they are so concerned our health.

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    Legalizethegreen • 6 months ago

    if its green…let it be.Focus efforts on drugs that kill

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    lizken2007 • 6 months ago

    It is all about the money…another way to stuff the jowls of the rich, greedy sociopaths.

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    Casey Joyce • 6 months ago

    you also forgot to add the textile/cotton industry

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    Kevin Beck • 6 months ago

    I would be willing to add two more corrupt entities to this list: The Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Central Imbeciles (I mean “Intelligence”) Agency.

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    Jesse Painter • 6 months ago

    If marijuana was legal, the Law Enforcement agencies would actually have to go fight real crime…
    They are way too lazy for this..
    For you, to tell me that marijuana is bad.. It not only insults real education, but makes us all look stupid as a whole..

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    Kathy Legislative Coordinator • 6 months ago

    This is why all citizens need to be our own lobby group. We all need to contact every representative at all levels and educate them and request they make it a priority to end the war on cannabis. We must be heard loud enough. Only contribute to cannabis friendly politicians and let them all know that. Anyone who believes the war on cannabis should end needs to be vocal about it. Educate the politicians, it is our responsibility to do so. Write or email them regularly, say once a month, sign petitions. Many non-users also believe the war on cannabis should end, they must speak up also. The waste of dollars and lives must end. The arresting of patients must end. It is your dollars wasted on arresting people for a joint. Speak out! Donate to organizations working to end prohibition. Get Invovled.

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      Michael McKinney • 6 months ago • parent

      And vote Ron Paul for president. He wants to stop government from telling you what you can and what you can’t put into your bodies. Besides Ron Paul, over half of the US supports marijuana and it shouldn’t matter what or representatives think. They work for us. If they don’t listen to the people then they should be voted out. As it is the politicians only hear what they want to hear and the rest is done by bribes. There were more than enough signatures to have marijuana legalized and there is more and more people who want to stop the drug wars. It is just the people who have been making a living on violating our civil liberties and incarcerating us that do not want to stop the drugs war. They don’t stop to think how many innocent people are killed by using a god given plant that has more good than all the chemicals the FDA feels is better for you.

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        js121 • 6 months ago • parent

        Ron Paul is a Liberterian. ALEC already has liberterians in their organization. ALEC’s 300+ Corporations will NEVER let us grow our own medicine. They have 2000+ republican politicians as members (public records, public pays their membership dues). As long as we have ALEC, we will not be free to do ANYTHING – let alone grow. Look at your state laws and see which ones are ALEC boilerplated. These corporations draft the laws and VOTE on them before they are passed on the Republican ALEC governors for immediate implementation. The head of the snake is ALEC….not Obama….Obama is not a member. We must fight ALEC before we get anywhere.

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    sleeplessinva • 6 months ago

    The “trickle down” economy of keeping marijuana illegal is far too lucrative than if it was made legal. The logistics of running a cartel, is big business. You need fire power, so you need guns. Who makes the guns ($$$)? Who makes the bullets ($$$)? Who make the armor vests ($$$)? Of course with increase crime, you need to increase the law enforcement. They need guns, too ($$$). They need ammunition, and they need armor ($$$+$$$). On top of which, they need even better gear so they can fight crime because you can’t under equip your law enforcement ($$$). That is just wrong. Think of all that police and law enforcement electronic communications equipment ($$$). Of course you can’t fight crime with out a nice fancy police station ($$$) with state of the art forensic technology ($$$). Those people on CSI and NCIS gotta have their toys.

    Of course now that you’ve caught the criminals, you’ve got to put them through the justice system. To properly do that, they need representation, aka, lawyers ($$$). Lawyers aren’t cheap because they spent a boat load of money on their law degree at the best law school ($$$). Of course, prosecution doesn’t come cheap either. They went to law school, too ($$$). Law school is expensive.

    After the justice system, comes the prison system. Prisons aren’t cheap, considering that most prisons now are privately own, contracted facilities to the state ($$$). Maintenance, security, room and board for the prisoners cost money ($$$). Of course, you have to equip the guards with weapons and protection, which means more money ($$$).

    Just from the perspective of the gun and ammunition manufacturer, they are playing all sides of the game: the drug dealers, the runners, the law enforcement, and the correctional facilities. At nearly every level of the this scenario, there is A TON of money to be made.

    I could continue and outline what happens to the users of marijuana but it’s pretty clear that at the end of the day, all you will see is just a bunch of dollar signs $$$.

    I’m not saying that legalizing marijuana will make this problem go away, but certainly by making it illegal, there is a lot of money to be made, and if you’re in the business of making money, you’re stupid not to continue to keep it illegal. It’s just good business sense.

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    lora • 6 months ago

    Pot of Dreams
    Inspired by Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams

    If you plant it, she will come!
    Outlawing POT is just plain dumb!
    We may not know who father was.
    But Mother is waiting, like she usually does.

    Love and Awe, Lora B


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    FruitLoopsAreKindOfMyThing • 6 months ago

    I hate when people trying stating that “stoners” are idiots. My boyfriend’s IQ is 141 and he loves smoking weed.

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    Dan Zaremba • 6 months ago

    Before marijuana was illegal in this country, the cotton farmers saw Hemp (in all its forms, THC-laden and otherwise) as a competitor to their crop. I can’t recall the politcian’s name who the cotton farmers “encouraged” to make marijuana illegal, but they were the first group to eliminate this threat to their business. Also, alot of money siezed in raids is used to fund covert militay operations, like paying off unsavory informants, bribes, etc.., thus leaving no paper trail for our oversight committes to track down. Face it folks, illegal drugs are a huge source of free money that benefits our politicians and military and they have little interest in seeing that go away and therefore, become answerable to the people they are supposed to serve.

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    Ben Lovejoy • 6 months ago

    Add to the list, the fossil fuel and plastics industries, the cotton industry, wood pulp paper producers, Olive and other food oil makers, The skin care industry and of course judges and stinking lawyers.

    • Avatar
      Bigbob7 • 6 months ago • parent

      Its time for a revolt, boycott alcohol, cigs, anything big pharma, move to a medi state and write elected officials.GROW A PAIR PEOPLE OR SUFFER THE FUTURE!!!!

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