Cannabis debates part 5 LULZ – wow!

  • Steve Dykstra • 6 months ago

    All of you fools yappin’ about pointless BS need to smoke a joint and chill the F out.

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    A_c_m • 6 months ago

    The headline should have been, “The top five groups that benefit most from the prohibition of marijuana .”

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    KOOL2HANDLE • 6 months ago

    We need to take charge of our lives. Stop letting big brother dictate every little thing we do. People need to stop being dubble standerd. Getting drunk on the week end and going down and voten against a class of people that would not harm a fly, because they would rather smoke a joint insted of. getting drunk out of their minds…Its just not right…familys are being destroyed over a plant that harms no one.

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    Wosiwarrior • 6 months ago

    If it was only because of the above lobbies, cannabis would be legal elsewhere in the world other than the US where parts of these lobbies don’t exist. This is just one point of view, only complaining again rather than acting; nothing which could bring the discussion about the legalization any further…

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      Daveholio • 6 months ago • parent

      Sorry that is wrong. While the influence of the lobbies is limited to here, the U.S. Government has enormous influence around the world and uses that influence to pressure other countries into doing its’ will. One of the most recent examples is when Obama went down to that Latin American conference to put down any and all talk of rethinking drug laws and to shore up support for the Drug War.

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    Skt052000 • 6 months ago

    Surprised there was no specific mention of Phillip-Morris and Anheuser Busch. They pump more money into anti-drug commercials than anyone else.

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    Derek Stewart Macpherson • 3 months ago

    Top five interest groups not mentioned here, but which have historically been instrumental in keeping marijuana illegal: Or should I say hemp? Because it isn’t the fact that you can use it to get stoned that worries these interest groups, it’s the many other uses of hemp they have a problem with.

    1. The petro-chemical industry. When companies like DuPont first funded the ‘Reefer Madness’ propaganda campaigns they had started to develop all sorts of useful synthetic fibres like nylon, which were almost, but not quite, as good as hemp. Getting hemp out of the way opened up markets for these new products.

    2. The forestry industry. Hemp produces twice as much fibre per acre as plantation pine, and you can get two crops a year instead of one every 30 years. So that makes it 60 times more productive. If hemp was legal farmers could supply pulp to the paper industry extremely cheaply, not to mention the potential as a bio-fuel.

    3. The paper industry. They have a cosy relationship with their current suppliers and get cheap raw materials, because you can avoid the costs of planting and tending a crop if instead you just go and destroy a forest that took millenia to grow. Also they’d rather not have to re-tool.

    4. The cotton industry. In many ways hemp cloth is superior to cotton as a textile. It’s harder-wearing and these days can be refined to be just as soft. As a crop, it is nowhere near so damaging to the environment, requiring far less water and far less pesticides (pesticides which are sold to farmers by the petro-chemical industry. See how this is starting to fit together?)

    5. The textile industry. They know hemp is superior to cotton, but they have no desire for an expensive re-tooling operation either. They’d much rather save money by dismantling and exporting their obsolete equipment to developing countries where cheap labour will allow them to get years more use out of it.

    And the one and only lobby group that has bucked the trend and got hemp re-legalised in a jurisdiction where it had been outlawed – The US Navy. In the Second World War. They successfully argued that they needed the rope.

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    Wyatt J. Larew • 3 months ago

    The 5 most corrupt business in America= Police, Pharmacy, tobacco, alcohol, Prison, Shocking huh like I said the cops sell all the drugs

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    Justin Flontek • 5 months ago

    That figures. Not one of these groups has an unbiased interest in keeping weed illegal. Infact, they all benefit from it remaining illegal. Go F yourselves. I’ll light up when I want to!

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    iShitLobbyists • 5 months ago

    Amazing how perverted the system is. You lobbyists all need to die a slow and painful death. This will make up for all the TERROR, that’s right TERROR you inflict on people who no doubt have higher standards in living than you maggots ever will!

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    Lbruncke • 5 months ago

    For Lis Bruncke

    Do things go better with coke?
    Or is it healthier to have a toke?
    Coke comes in oil.
    Pot grows in soil,
    Cleaning the air for US folk!

    Do things go better with coke?
    White crystal to snort and poke.
    One line or two?
    I give mine to you,
    For I would rather have a toke!

    On the Extradition of Marc Emery (Prince of Pot, Knight of Right and Truth Activist) to the US!

    To a foreign joint Marc Emery must go,
    For selling seeds so his brothers could sew.
    What a bad DEA!
    We must get them to play
    To Tell the Truth, so our kids will know!

    On meeting Jodie Emery (Princess of Pot, Green Politician, and Truth Activist) at a Green Party!

    Jodie looks for what is fair and just!
    Stand up for our future we must!
    Pot is a plant!
    Liars recant!
    Green leaders be those we can trust!

    For young girls and women who have suffered from too many UTI’s and/or yeast infections

    I cry for the girls, who have to prance,
    While they listen to non-scientific rants!
    Do tampons feed yeast?
    Who dines at this feast?
    Stop the ignorance and give women a chance!


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    Richard Meehan • 5 months ago

    Asshole, every damned one of those folks profiting at the price of other people and their families. May you ALL (As well as those you “support”) rot in hell for your evil earthly actions this time around!!

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    indigena2 • 5 months ago

    There is a most crucial additional lobbying group opposing marijuana legalization that the article neglected. That is the medical marijuana industry. Were pot legalized, they would cease to exist in very short order. The anti-legalization effort in Washington state is being spearheaded by a doctor trying to protect his ability to make $300 an hour writing prescriptions. He fronts for the industry protecting their livelihoods.

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    Pascharay • 6 months ago

    lot of ax grinding out there. in the end there has not been one case of a marijuana overdose recorded in the USA. psychotic behavior. sure. eating a mustard pickle and leftover general tsao’s chicken sandwich, sure, but OD. never. On the other hand over 400,000 smokers kick the can each year and the DEA isn’t banging down the doors of JR Reynolds or Phillip Morris.

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    William Conde • 6 months ago

    I see you have removed my comment for

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      js121 • 6 months ago • parent

      Please realize that PhRMA is a member of the organzation ALEC. The ones who are really keeping MM from us is ALEC – Not Obama. Obama is NOT in any position to change this law at this time. Give him 4 more years and see the difference. It would be political suicide to try during this election process. Reality Check. Electing Romney will seal our fate as he is the “crown” of ALEC.

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    William Conde • 6 months ago

    To declare war on your own people is called TREASON, check it out.

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    blascco • 6 months ago

    The Tobacco Industry lobby is huge. They don’t want the pot industry messing with their market share.

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      js121 • 6 months ago • parent

      And? guess who is Very big in the organization ALEC?? Reynolds and the rest of the tobacco industry. Pharma – ALL of them. Prisons….Yup, old Wackenhut, now Correction Company of America – largest private prison system. Who makes our Laws? ALEC drafts the laws and vote on them WITH republican members of ALEC. If we want to win this war…we must fight ALEC….Not Obama like everyone thinks….ALEC, folks, has already taken over 21 states….You want our democracy back? You want MM? ALEC won’t give us anything – just check the ALEC laws in your state…all public information. sourcewatch dot org prwatch dot org alecexposed dot org It’s just a matter of exposing who is behind what’s happening all over America. They’ve been doing this since 1972 — slowly taking over our government. Wake Up America!!

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    KevlarSloth • 6 months ago

    Please don’t call it pot. Cannabis is proper. “Pot” is derogatory. Stay positive internet.

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    814 • 6 months ago

    wow. what an interesting article (confirming every suspicion i’ve ever held about the subject, btw.) kudos to most of the contributors as well. the place that profit plays in our current laws cannot be understated, and is not readily realized and understood by many folks out there. thanks for such an informative post. in addition, grammarnazi and meancommentdetective, in my most humble of opinions you both need to get a life and a serious grip. when i was in grad school i heard a lecture on ebonics presented by dr. ron william, then affiliated with george washington u. his credentials far exceed my own. during a question and answer session that followed, i raised my hand and asked why he was in support of ebonics and yet had used standard english when presenting. i never forgot his response and neither should you. he explained that because he was addressing primarily a white middle class audience, he spoke to them in an appropriate manner, given the setting, etc. while i am in absolute agreement that having hairy highdog is not the best choice for a spokesperson for the those advocating a more rationale approach to this issue, i could not possibly disagree more with your obessive nitpicking within this social context. people who share on facebook and their news feeds do so in an informal manner because that it appropriate for this setting. conversational word usage is to be expected and condoned; in addition spelling errors are generally tolerated. we’re not writing a dissertation here. it is not intended as a forum to make yourself feel superior, cloud the issue at hand, and polarize others by being a smug know-it-all who gets his jollies at the expense of those who contribute. while i am absolutely cognizant of proper usage of a preposition within a sentence, my suggestion to you is to ‘grow the f up!’

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    defhigh • 6 months ago

    Add paper and lumber industry. Pot was originally made illegal by W.R. Hearst because it threatened his lumber and paper industry.

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      js121 • 6 months ago • parent

      You got that right. All these years because of Hearst’s greed and protecting his industry. Hemp is Canada’s #1 cash crop. Products range from rope to creams; but……ONLY 1 company is allowed to grow it – Prarie Plant Systems. PPS is already applying for the license to grow in upper michigan. They are protecting the ALEC industrialists who are members of ALEC……from medical marijuana patients that want to grow their own medicine.

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    john • 6 months ago

    There is always going to be a divide on an issue like this. War on drugs had funded law enforcement for decades, much like the brand new war on terror will fund homeland security including law enforcement. The negative image portraying pot-heads is not entirely false since just the same as any other group, there are some who fit those flip-flops. Until our leaders own up to their vices that image will continue to be the poster people see, no matter the merits medical or fiscal. The argument of abusing the medicinal use (under guises like some back pain or a little anxiety) also is not far off base either. Please note, I am all for legalizing weed (actually everything since it should be your choice to poison yourself quickly or slowly not the gov’ts), and used it myself in a medical capacity to great success. I believe if the “movement” is going to succeed, then every shallow and deep image and stereotype associated needs to addressed, and closet stoners/users must be revealed as part of a public reality check.

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    Danger Peanuts • 6 months ago

    Oh and help us get peanuts into schedule one category as it also has no medicinal value! And it IS dangerous! It should be a felony to own, grow, plant peanuts! LOL!

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    Darsco3 • 6 months ago

    i don’t smoke weed, tried it when i was younger it made me lazy, wanted to lay around all day and eat doritos. but if you are an adult and you want to smoke it in your own home i don’t see how that is the govt’s business.

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      js121 • 6 months ago • parent

      That’s not the point. Yes, it is a social thing; but, it’s use to save our children’s lives and help our parents undergo Chemo is Proven. Medicinal marijuana is MORE effective as an edible or oil. THC is good for fun; but, the other ingredients are effective against pain, etc.

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    Paul Tammaro • 6 months ago

    Truth is the enemy of tyranny. Especially when that truth “connects-the dots” regarding WHO the enemy really is.
    US Patent # 6,630,507-” Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” issued in 2003 is EMPIRICAL evidence of the “Medical Utility” of Cannabis. The very SAME government who has fingers in both ears, even as they have allowed medical Cannabis outside their doors, and even they don’t want to hear it
    The unvarnished truth about the amazingly well-funded Prohibitionist movement is this; the “Partnership for a Drug free America” is funded, in part by-
    Anheuser Bush,The National Beverage Council (alcohol), Purdue Pharma (Oxycontin),Bristol Meyers-Squibb, Lorilard, Phillip Morris,(Cigarettes) Blue Cross ,Procter & Gamble-Bayer, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, The Pheonix Police Department, Merck & Co, La Roche, Glaxo SmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and more than can fit here.
    My point is that for Seventy Five years, “We The People” have been; lied to, arrested and our FREE speech suppressed, all because of a Non Toxic plant that has been PROVEN to kill Cancer cells.(

    Prohibition does not, now-nor has it ever worked. Regardless that Americans have lost all respect for Law and Law Enforcement is an unfortunate side-effect on this ridiculous and unconstitutional war.

    Our society must change soon, or we will ALL perish.
    The “War” on Cannabis is a war on Americans and on those patients who want to use this plant.
    Morphine?…Sure!~ Cannabis?..Hands behind your back,……


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      js121 • 6 months ago • parent

      And, Everyone you just mentioned are Corporate members of the organization ALEC. alecexposed dot org prwatch dot org sourcewatch dot org EVERYONE of them and they already have control of 21 states in the US.

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    Nick Graziano • 6 months ago

    For those who are concerned about the negative perception that the general public has allowed to fall upon the peaceful and benevolent consumption of Cannabis to the point that you are correcting grammar with the obnoxiously misplaced sense of righteousness of an adolescent teachers aid: You are just as bad of an ambassador as the person who manages to type out 2 intelligible words out of an attempted 10. In the end, this whole collection of comments appears to the outsider as a massive cluster fuck of morons who all are on the same side of the debate, yet are arguing amongst themselves.

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    dewdrop • 6 months ago

    I believe we need to continue to place it on the ballot in the states. The people have better sense than Washington.

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    Sciencefreak • 6 months ago

    These people are every bit as evil as those who opposed the end of slavery because they manufactured shackles and chains and whips. Read the book Marijuana Gateway to Health!

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      dali • 6 months ago • parent

      People….just start planting the stuff everywhere if you enjoy it…Hell, I saw a 5 mile stretch of Huge ditch weed while on the train thru Mississippi…It was everywhere…This is a weed…Plant it….if you want to use it fine if you dont fine…The big companies and the goverment have a huge problem…It pretty hard to regulate something you cant controll…remember prohibition?…Those bootleggers did thier own thing…

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    Helen • 6 months ago

    money is not real

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    Phpstolle • 6 months ago

    * paper pulp… mistake :/

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    TRr • 6 months ago

    paper manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies

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    Bob Diserens • 2 days ago

    Good, Marijuana should be Illegal because of the effects. It is Illegal federally and just because a liberal state says we allow Marijuana, it should be criminal in all respects.

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      FellOnEarth • 2 days ago • parent

      By that logic, alcohol and tobacco should also be outlawed. The idea that something should continue to be illegal simply because the federal government says it should be is a logical fallacy, it’s a circular argument without merit. The whole point of this article is to highlight that there are vested interests in seeing that the our drug policies continue to benefit from failed policy.

      The illegality of drugs, and the billions of dollars (maybe up to a trillion by some estimates) spent combating it hasn’t curbed addiction, and it’s created two classes in our society. Those that profit from it being illegal (drug traffickers, dealers, enforcement, pharmaceuticals, prison industry, etc), and those that aren’t served by it’s illegality (the tax payer, the poor, the addicted, and the average citizen).

      What people like you don’t seem to get is that it’s incredibly cheaper and more humane to spend money on treatment in leu of enforcement (not to mention the economic prospect of taxation). Ah, but then that would make us too touchy-feely and progressive, what we need are hard measures for hard times, damn our intellect (the general ideology of that loud drunk sitting at the end of the bar).

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    Sara • 3 days ago

    Don’t sound like anyone of those are concerned with health or well being

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    Chris Hardee • 7 days ago

    Would have been nice had ole’Clinton said in the middle of “not inhaling” or getting his…, *cigar rolled* — puff-puff-pass (the new law!) The world be such a better place, just think…, people would be sooo much happier, all grocery stores would now stay open 24hrs. =)

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    drmaddogs • a month ago

    “Private prison corporations make millions by incarcerating people” This claim is false,,, as is the dollars involved in the other catagories.
    Substitute the word Billions for the word millions. Many Billions, in toto.. for each catagory.
    Left out is the intertwining of the financial system, market domination and elimination of competition in commercial products.
    With the Fiat system having no competition as a currency, there is little to stop leverage, or overleverage, in commerce. As monsanto sells stock, bonds and the underwriter sells CDSs(insurance against Bond Failure) for Monasanto or any other MJ competator, there exists within the financial community and the MJ competators(Pharma, Alcohol and others), HUGE exposure to risk. Only a few points of revenue loss means a great deal, when highly leveraged.
    Think of the ‘Scheme” as being one which cannot allow disruption… from what could be seen as a highly disruptive product.
    Cotton lasts 1/2 as long as Hemp fiber. Hemp requires 1/2 the fetilizer, provides 4x the fiber per acre as trees, can be grown in marginal lands. Delta-9 THC and CD1 and 2 have little in health threats so the FDA cannot work hand in hand with Pharma to have a padigm whereby only the biggest most well funded Pharma companies can control the Phycoactive drug markets.
    Adm and Monsanto own 80% of the seed market for corn and Soy but Hemp seed provides a food source slightly better than corn or soy.
    These financial interests(Wall Street dirivitives and washing drug money(B O of A and Wells fargo, both fined, a Billion the last 5 years= only 5 to 10 % of the laundered monies)) and commercial interests Dupont Dow Pharma grain merchants, pulp growers(a number of other sectors als) do not want disruption in revenues.
    And they buy your Representatives and associate with the 6 companies that control 60%+ of main street media.
    It isn’t that MJ is the ‘devil weed’, the probem is there is too much money in Prohibition.

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    dallas mccoy • 2 months ago

    A few words is all it takes.
    Illegal, enslaving Legal, not enslaving.

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    Maxwell TDog • 2 months ago

    as odd as it may sound, you are leaving off the MAJOR groups…
    -Petroleum and Steel industries, as Motive of Canada, Ford UK, Porsche and Fiat (Europe), as well as development in China and Mexico on vehicles made with cannabis bodies (lightweight and more durable than steel) which would compromise profits in both industries.
    -Lumber, and not just for paper. While hemp paper is superior to tree paper (which usually must have some cotton fibers or similar addition) more importantly is that whole houses can be made from cannabis, and without cutting down a single tree.
    -Synthetics, one of the first to jump on the boat of idiots against marijuana. And of course, but the fact is, synthetics STILL cannot create a product as good as hemp rope, canvas, and clothing, although they DO still make better nylon stockings.

    and just below your remaining groups are spinoffs: Road construction crews will have less work (lighter and smaller vehicles), drug dealers, politicians getting money from these groups, China and India exporters, Canadian exporters, as well as the shipping companies they use. Of course, there are many many more…but the sad part is that they represent staying in the past. These are the groups that refuse to believe that man has landed on the moon, and had they been around in the late 1800s, would have scoffed at that new fangled horseless carriage contraption.

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    Far Savage • 2 months ago

    IF they spent more time focusing on our Economy maybe it wouldn’t be what it is today. smh

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    Me • 2 months ago

    I smoke cannabis pure in a pipe, and I can tell you this: It tastes so much better without tobacco, I’m rid of my tobacco-addiction for about a month, (to fight with a big monster is nothing compared to it), and now I really feel what cannabis does to you… it’s a great, relaxed feeling.
    Cannabis is not addictive!! As soon as you stopped tobacco you’ll find out! So don’t let them fool you. Cannabis is a medicine, and I really believe that a lot of people that are suffering right now, can be helped with medicinal cannabis, vaporized, smoked, in biscuits, tea or in capsules. There’s so much growing evidence that a lot of people ease their pain and have a much better quality of life because of cannabis, there are also testimonials of people who cured their cancer with the oil. I just found out that the US-government owns the patent on cannabis-cannabinoids, that is the main reason why there is so little research been done on the cancertopic. As long as the government owns the rights from this plant, researcher can’t do experiments on humans!……

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    Maxwell TDog • 3 months ago

    you skipped by the largest three groups, and that is a curious thing. Steel industry, petroleum industry, and lumber companies. And, as well, road construction crews and companies, automobile manufacturers (except Ford, who HAS a cannabis body car in UK Ford) and synthetics.
    Briefly, petroleum wants to continue to sell over 70 million barrels of oil a day (that’s just the top ten oil producers), gas usage is increased with weight, and cannabis auto bodies are lightweight as well as more durable than steel. (Sure, you remember seeing a Corvette and its fiberglass body ruined because fiberglass breaks down under pressure strikes. A small rock can total a Corvette, if it hits the right spot. On the other hand, Henry Ford invited a batch of reporters over to show them his new car made with a cannabis composite body, and took a six pound ax to the trunk several times, and left not a broken strand or hole behind.
    (The world thought Kuwait burning 5 million barrels of oil a day was bad (it was) but today, the US burns near fifteen million barrels a day.)

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    I_rule • 3 months ago

    @kevin, you forgot the governments ARE the cartels.

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    Derek Stewart Macpherson • 3 months ago

    Incidentally, here in Australia, where police are not funded for particular purposes, they are just given a budget and they have to decide how to spend it, most of them oppose marijuana prohibition. This is true in many countries. The way they see it, a victimless crime is draining their precious resources. They’d sooner not bother enforcing it and spend the money elsewhere, and this is in fact what often happens.

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