Who is keeping it illegal and why…

The drug cartels want to keep it illegal because of the high profits. While there are risks involved, as with any business, the fines, incarcerations, and, of course, the confiscating of shipments, the very fact that it’s a “tax-free” industry makes it highly profitable.

The legal profession also enjoys the current status, aside from the profit motivations mentioned above. Lawyers used in defending drug traffickers and even end users reap a lot of profit as the courts get jammed with more cases. How many other judges are out there that are all too happy to incarcerate that are getting kick-backs from the privatized prison system? There were two juvenile justice judges in Pennsylvania that were sentenced to (minimum security) federal prisons last year for incarcerating young people to the privatized prisons in that state: many of them first time offenders and/or misdemeanors.

War on drugs funding? That money could go to better use. Currently, where I live in Northern Indiana, there are very few mentions of marijuana arrests, other than simple possession. What the local officers are going after are the meth labs. Do they believe that the meth heads will switch to marijuana if it’s legalized?

Since Ronald Reagan declared a “War On Drugs” back in the 80’s, both the number of privatized prisons and the number of people incarcerated have grown sky high. But there is more ot this story as you can see in the commentary below…

During the 1920’s and the 1930’s, alcohol was banned, and yet the number of people using it that were incarcerated was minimal. Between the gang wars and the substandard products (such as bathtub gin, moonshine, and anything else that could harm the average citizen) for the safety of our country, Prohibition was repealed. For once, Pat Robinson had the right idea of legalizing it, for taxation purposes, although it would also relieve some of the pressures of overcrowded prisons. More money could be used to determine a more successful for of rehabilitation to current inmates, or the drain on society would be alleviated.

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    DonGaudard • 6 months ago • parent

    Excuse me, but it was NOT Reagan who declared the War On Drugs. Nixon in 1971 or 1972 was the FIRST to declare the War On Drugs. This War has been going on longer than the war in Afghanistan.

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      Burnusswarthout • 5 months ago • parent

      actually,it was DuPont who first spoke with congress about getting marijuana out of the way for him to build his business.

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      Ariakas777 • 4 months ago • parent

      True True. Regean did make it a key issue and hammered on it most of his presidency tho, its important to note that. The initial platform WAS initiated by Old Tricky Dick (big surprise huh) and thats VERY important, like you said to identify the length of this failed policy, but if for nothing else but to keep the facts straight also. Good call

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        Maxwell TDog • 3 months ago • parent

        Ariakas777: Reagan bought a major part of his own demise with his sheer stubbornness to keep the monopoly of steel, petroleum, and lumber free of competition. You see, when the processed marijuana is joined with smoking small amounts, it actually improves memory in Alzheimer patients.

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