Cruel cruel world. Please Share

Its all a coersive, extortive, etc., game that THEY own and play with the SHEEPLE! Very sad and God is watching them oppress His people from a plant He gave them for their needs! Genesis 1:29 and others state this! Go to; & www.constitutionpreservation.o… & & & & & & & & to see the REAL “truth” they hide from us and lie to us through “public schools”! Get on your public servants/ politicians now! Start amending and nullifying their perverted bills, statute (color of law), etc.!


Wackenhut – Corrections Company – largest private prison in the US is a member of ALEC and is behind longer terms. They are making a Fortune off Tilapia fish farms in their prisons. They have impacted our laws on immigration, marijuana, prison terms, etc.. By the way….studies are showing that states that go to their privatized prisons are costing the state MORE $$; but, hey, 2000+ republican politicians that are members are there to ensure their ALEC corporations make money – not about us.

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