Anonymous Hacking Spree Day is today? Oh my! Click 4Juicy Details!

This one is on fire. I’m updating it as more sites are hacked – and also now that PayPal’s head of PR is skirmishing with me on Twitter. I also got the Anonymous press release about the V For Vendetta reenactment they’re planning today in London. It’s all here:

PayPal, Symantec hacked as Anonymous begins November 5 hacking spree | ZDNet »

As it becomes the 5th of November around the world, Anonymous announced a hacking spree that has claimed many websites and a few databases – plus a planned V For Vendetta reenactment at the Houses of …  Don’t forget that PayPal = Amazon & Bank of America.  And it’s an ebay thing now partnered with discover card.   Adding Symantec to the list just rounds out the Umbrella Corp properties nicely.
“Protesters in Canada will get a rude surprise if they don Guy Fawkes masks – because last week Canada’s House of Commons approved a bill that bans people from hiding their faces during riots btw.”
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