DEA: States Legalizing Marijuana Will Violate Federal Law

And at this point.. we all know Federal Law is a farce to continue the inner relationship with high level cartel and bankers, and God only knows who else is involved in the profit from enslaving Cannabis consumers… phooey on you.

DEA: States Legalizing Marijuana Will Violate Federal Law

On a Monday teleconference call, former Drug Enforcement Agency administrators and directors of the Office of National Drug Control Policy voiced a strong reminder to the U.S. Department of Justice that even if voters in Colorado, Oregon and Washington pass ballot measures to legalize marijuana use …

  • Gypsy Magick Tell the DEA to go suck an egg!
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  • Guy L Petersen Jr. Obama “Thanks for helping me win your state, but now I have to arrest you.”
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  • Gypsy Magick In 1996 when California passed the first medical marijuana legislation, the DEA had fits, yelled, hollered and threatened. Not a single agent in the DEA is a licensed physician and has no right making threats regarding medicine. Now a state chooses to save themselves and utilize the tax monies from a recreational marijuana industry and they scream again. I wish they would go shut down the pharmaceutical companies that are poisoning people but No, they rather give us a grief over a weed.
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  • David Seigmyre damn them
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  • Linda Schoeffler DEA GO AWAY, DEA GO AWAY…DEA GO away!!!!!!!!
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  • Suzi Dimock Start cutting programs with the war on drugs. Save our tax money and put it to better use.
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  • David Gould The federal government is starting to show their true colors. A constitutional stand off hmmm. Interesting they don’t realize they are already in breach of the very document they mention. If the federal government puts its boot down on these states it will have shown it honestly thinks it has absolute power and will have proven democracy is truly in its death throws. This is sickening that they spew crap and plan to treat these states as if they were cartels. Who the DEA obviously hasn’t stopped in 40+ years. So tired of the federal government proving how hypocritical and stupid they actually are.
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