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Are you tired of voter fraud and having to wait in line for hours and hours to vote for scumbags or initiatives that do not deserve to be on the ballot?  Let the world know, from the comfort of your home or phone.  Through an open non-partisan forum.

All election, voting and political info in one spot.

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Our Mission

Harnessing the power of the internet to revolutionize voting

  • Online voting in all elections particularly for disabled or handicap.
  • All election, voting and political info on one website synchronized through legislature.
  • Binding online referenda controlled by the voting public without private influence or propaganda.

By luck, we were introduced to http://www.ivoteus.com/ (However, I do not comprehend how Haiti or the Dom. Rep. play a part in it?)

Here’s a glimpse of what they have and look like.  We can not by law copy them, but we have a different notion in the works which is supremely legal and beneficial to the community as a whole!  Solidarity!

iVoteUS.com An Open Nonpartisan Forum

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  1. November 8th, 2012
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