The real Reason Gadaffi was deposed was because he did not believe in Capitalism, and insisted on being paid for his oil in GOLD. He pissed off those with the Gold who had decided, they would use dollars they could print for nearly free to buy the oil. Gadaffi said NO. So he was killed. You really think the Libyan ambassador was killed for a movie trailer? Or cause he knew too much?
The reason Gaddafi was killed is explained in this video.
The reason Gaddafi was killed is explained in this video.

The truth is here! FULL LENGTH Muammar Gaddafi was fighting against the illuminati…
 Trading oil for gold is capitalism right? No, it is trade. Big difference and if you don’t comprehend the distinction, then you won’t comprehend Socialism. It is not about disdaining wealth, it is about sharing it. The US and British Military and Govt apparatus is there to serve the shadow Govt, your real owners, the people who control the central banks in England and the USA. They killed Sadamn Hussein, then Gadaffi, and Iran is the next target because they also do not allow INTEREST on loans, and a Rothschild controlled central bank. That is why we threaten them now. We are their cannon fodder. They do not care if you live or die people, you are their pawns, and they will do with you what they like. Your life means Nothing to them. Follow the money. Don’t buy the mainstream media BS, it is there to confuse you, not to enlighten you. Watch the video, spend an hour, and learn how to put the pieces together. I promise when you spend enough time watching, this will make sense to you. George Carlin GOT IT. You can get it too.
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