Frog-in-bucket-of-milk folklore leads to potential new antibiotics

Following up on an ancient Russian way of keeping milk from going sour — by putting a frog in the bucket of milk — scientists have identified a wealth of new antibiotic substances in the skin of the Russian Brown frog.

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Although I doubt that my wife would be amused to find a frog swimming in her milk!

I only got around to reading this now, as the title was sufficiently disturbing in and of itself!

Why do I get the feeling the frog-in-the-milk treatment was discovered by accident? As in, some Russian found a jug of milk in his cellar that had been there for who knows how long, took a swig, discovered it was still tasty (even though it shouldn’t have been) then got to the bottom and found a drowned frog?? I would have been scarred for life.

At least something good scientifically has come from this “discovery”. If only all old lores or old wive’s tales led to that.

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