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California Dispensary Bans in Spotlight as State Supreme Court Takes Up Medical Cannabis Case


Can cities and counties in California ban medical marijuana dispensaries, or should they be forced to regulate – rather than destroy – the industry if they have a problem with it?

The state Supreme Court will tackle that weighty question starting today when it begins hearings on a closely watched case that will address one of the biggest MMJ issues in California.

Its answer could reshape the state’s medical cannabis industry. More than 170 cities and counties across the state have enacted bans on medical cannabis dispensaries in the past few years, forcing hundreds of centers to close and preventing new ones from opening. Continue reading

Marc Emery’s Application to Help Grow Washington’s Legal Pot

By Marc Emery – Tuesday, February 5 2013

Marc Emery cannabis plantUpon learning that the Washington State Liquor Control Board is seeking consultant applications for a legal marijuana production and distribution system, Marc wrote this tongue-in-cheek submission. Marc was extradited to and sentenced in Seattle, Washington despite operating his seed business in Vancouver, BC, Canada at all times. 

Dear Sirs and Madams of the Washington State Liquor Control Board,

Please consider my bid, or rather, application for consideration, to be a consultant in one of the four fields of marijuana expertise required by the WSLCB:

1) Product and Industry Knowledge
2) Product Quality Standards & Testing
3) Product Usage and Consumption Validation
4) Product Regulation

I understand your need to meet the voter endorsed deadline of December 2013, whereby retail offering of cannabis products are expected to be found in the current WSLCB outlets. I offer strong skills in marketing, cultivation, genetics, breeding, retail, business, working with large groups of co-workers, but my only caveat is that I am currently a guest of the US federal prison system for my peaceful and successful involvement with servicing the needs of well over 3,000 citizens of Washington state in cultivating marijuana from 1995 to 2005 (as well as millions of others throughout the United States). I do expect to be released from this inconvenient situation and repatriated back to Canada in December of this year. Perhaps you can use my resume as back-up if one of the other applicants turns to be unsuitable when you can see their capabilities (or lack thereof) at close range. Continue reading

Occultism in America

The following column was syndicated through the Religion News Service (www.religionnews.comon Halloween 2006.

The Occult Isn’t Just a
Batty Idea in America’s Attic

By Mich Horrowit

It was a moment made for C-SPAN, though television sets would not reach American living rooms for another century. During a Washington spring day in 1854, Senator James Shields of Illinois, one of the most respected voices in the Senate and the chairman of the Committee on Military Affairs, rose on the Senate floor to present his colleagues with the strangest petition in American history.

Holding a document signed by 15,000 enthusiasts of Spiritualism, and expounding on the work of medieval alchemists and occult philosophers, Shields begged his colleagues to take seriously the request to fund a government commission to study the possibility of talking to the dead – perhaps even looking into “establishing a spiritual telegraph.” Continue reading

Send in the Clowns.

Send in the clowns!


The spirit of the mythic Trickster is alive and well in Knoxville, Tennessee, where clowns are using contrariness and laughter to combat racism. lol  Continue reading

The Spirit Molecule: DMT

Marijuana Stocks?? CANNABIS is the proper name!! ®

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Marijuana Stocks


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