This post contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has
gathered about Militias, Private Armies and Extremist Groups.

 Fairbanks militia leader compared to cult leaders
 Manhunt under way in Montana for ex-militia leader
 Court Docket: Man pleads guilty to weapons charges
 The Secret World of Extreme Militias
 New breed of militias puts on a friendlier face, but critics say it’s camouflage
 Militias seek official sanction as ‘state defense forces’
 The truth behind America’s ‘civilian militias’
 Ex-militiaman is sentenced for document fraud
 Militia Leader Put Government On Notice Years Ago
 Militias’ Era All but Over, Analysts Say 
 It’s the Wilderness Years for Militias 
 Idaho man plotted to kill 3 federal officials 
 Almost Heaven almost gone? 
 Pa. Man Pleads Guilty to Weapons Charges 
 Feds Arrest 3 in Alleged Militia Plot 
 Militia leader gets 6 year sentence 
 Militia groups remain upset over Waco standoff 
 FBI Reveals Guns, Chemicals, Fake ID’s 
 California militias revive their rhetoric 
 Wife accuses federal agents of conspiracy against spouse 
 Feds raid home of militia chief 
 Militia groups are shrinking, but Internet aids hate groups 
 Waning interest, arrests leading to decline of militia 
 Militia founder still sees plots in government 
 Former Ky. Militia Leader Sentenced 
 Militia founder leaving state for Alaska 
 A kinder, gentler militia? 
 Militia Members Guilty in Bomb Plot 
 Feds Offer Reward for Militia Boss 
 A Far-Right Militia’s Far-Fetched Plot Draws Some Serious Attention 
 Montana Sheriff Contends Right-Wing Militia Plotted Killings 
 Grand jury indicts two in 1997 bank robbery 
 Domestic Terrorists: Homeland Defense 
 Judge Declares Mistrial in Bomb Case 
 Officers Kill Militia Voice 
 Man wanted in shooting known for racist radio program 
 Ex-militia member flees into highland 
 Milita activity on rise 
 Militia men held in murder plot 
 Militias see treatment of Idaho family as example of intrusive government 
 Bombing drives out militia members
 No Militia Patsy
 Militia groups say McVeigh case is proof of US plot
 Five Years After Peak Of Militia Movement, Extremist Groups Fading
 McVeigh factor destroys militias
 McVeigh listened to militia-inspired Arizona broadcaster
 Citing Declining Membership, a Leader Disbands His Militia
 Indiana in middle of thriving militia region
 Militiaman gets prison for evasion 
 Texas farm standoff enters second year 
 The militia lurking in your backyard 
 Militaman guilty of intimidation 
 Militia chief’s trial remains in Galesburg 
 “For Christians there’s a higher law than a federal judge” 
 An armed Texas family resists the courts 
 Texas milita standoff continues 
 Indianapolis Baptist Temple became a “cause celebre” for the radical right 
 Authorities conduct a quiet siege 
 Phony ‘National Militia’ Netted 2 Pipe-Bomb Suspects 
 Two men indicted in explosives inquiry 
 Militia leader sent to prison 
 Feds arrest militia trainer 
 Leader of militia will admit role in plot 
 Patriot movement leader acquitted of conspiracy, attempted kidnapping 
 Alleged California Y2K plotters plead not guilty 
 FBI arrests militia members for alleged bomb plot 
 FBI Breaks Up Sacramento Bomb Plot, Paper Says
 Keeping an Eye on Would-Be Y2K Terrorists
 FBI, Militia Members Exchange Views 
 Web sites give small militia a big voice
 FBI Meets with Militia Groups
 3 Militia Members Sentenced in Mich.
 Inside a Nest of Vipers
 ‘Vipers’ in the ‘Burbs
 Armed and Dangerous
 Enemies of the State
 The View From the Far Right
 A Sigh of Relief the Size of Montana
 Militias Arming With Instruments of Fraud
 Militias: Ranks are Swelling
 Arizona viewed as a hotbed of patriots
 10 bombs seized in raid of militia
 Exposing the “militia” mythology
 Mountaineer Militia: Men indicted in bomb plot
 Jury Convicts Viper
 Citizens’ Militias Have Taken Hold in Rural California
 Militia extremists defend their views
 Scary Paramilitaries
 Trouble on the Home Front
 Militia Member Found Guilty
 Field Manual of the Free Militia

 Foreward by Skipp Porteous
 Section I
 Section II
 Militia leader sentenced to 40 years

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