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Project Prism

Project Prism just recently came up in news media arena and quite a few people were disturbed about what they learned. While this can be expected its again another fear based tactic, not because it does not exist but because such systems have always been in place. Truthfully when you see “their” entire system you will know that nothing that goes across the internet does so unseen, in addition heavy levels of encryption sends a “look at me beacon”. I think we are forgetting who designed all of this stuff and what its original purpose was and always has been which is surveillance. I have noticed books such as those related to hacking and advanced electrical rewiring, internet forensics etc. are always tagged with “phone home” worms and viruses. These documents are uploaded to ebook services for mass download by none other than the worldwide bureaus themselves.

Again your computer is wide open and if any sensitive info is on it they already know. Here is another method, when new “snooping” software comes out “third party” rushes to get it on your system by uploading it in the next pirated copy of Iron Man 3 on thepiratebay “from china” just like the recent copy of Hangover 3. They move at angles not directly. Email addresses such as hushmail go right in to the “Prism” and have been for a long time. Prism is data uncovered about “some” actions taking place since 2006 but its obvious such actions were taking place since Prodigy. Wise up, this is “their” system stop scarring the hell out of yourself and others because you are wanting to keep information private on the internet and cannot.


True privacy does not exist on the internet my friend, all data is “key logged” when you type it and is always available on your computer when it needs to be accessed, check Spotlight v100 indexing on Macs. So in conclusion learn and expand off the tools available, act as if someone is always watching because they are, let them learn through your operation Wholeness, and steer clear of dualist militia related rhetoric that can be flagged as a security issue. A rule of thumb is if you are not making millions or causing millions of dollars worth of damage then you are a small fry compared to the real individuals who have engaged in the internet information cold war such as China. In the Know? Focus on You!


James “Sevan” Bomar

The Official Resistance


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