Why are universities trying to limit access to breast cancer tests?

Sad reality. Cancer is big business… but Cannabis is fighting back, our planet seems to have a living spirit and our “authorities” should respect mother planet Earth.

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Short answer: Because universities would rather make money than save lives.

Timothy Lee explains in the Washington Post:

When the Supreme Court ruled that you couldn’t patent human genes, Ambry Genetics began offering women a test for the BRCA genes, which are linked to breast cancer. But last week, Myriad Genetics, the firm that has enjoyed a de facto monopoly on BRCA tests in recent years, sued. It argues that despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, it still has patents covering Ambry’s product.

Myriad is the lead plaintiff, but two universities also signed on to the lawsuit: the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Utah Research Foundation. These schools own BRCA-related patents, which they have licensed exclusively to Myriad.Why are universities trying to force a potentially life-saving cancer test off the market? A spokeswoman for the University of Pennsylvania declined to comment for this story, and a University of…

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