A. C. L. U. – Nationwide Employee’s on Facebook and Their Contact info

These results include people who’ve worked at ACLU Nationwide at any time.
You may want to limit your search to Current ACLU Nationwide employees.

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President of the Fairfield County Chapter at ACLU Nationwide
Listens to TiëstoEddie Money and Gang Starr
In a relationship with Deb Rachel since June 8, 2011

Former attorney/ejw, immigrants’ rights project at ACLU Nationwide

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Worked at ACLU Nationwide
Studied English at The University of Texas at Austin ’10
Single · Male · 25 years old

Studied Political Science at Clark University ’13
Single · Male

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Works at ACLU Nationwide
Studied at Homeschool
In a relationship with Cilia Webster since May 27, 2004

Works at ACLU Nationwide
Studied at Greenwich Academy
Married · Male
Listens to Tayyib Ali

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Former Manager of Media Relations at ACLU Nationwide
Married to Julia Pomeranz Gosset since November 8, 2003

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Works at ACLU Nationwide

Studied at Awesome Dps ’00
Lives in Patna, India
Single · Male

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Works at ACLU Nationwide
Studied at UC Berkeley
In an open relationship · Female

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Worked at ACLU Nationwide
Studied Master of Urban and Regional Planning at Ball State University ’11

Former Intake Volunteer at ACLU Nationwide
Studied Continental Philosophy at The Evergreen State College ’10
Listens to Frankie LymonRoy Brooks and Gucci Mane

Former Racial Justice Program Intern at ACLU Nationwide
Married to Scott Dievendorf since June 5, 2011

Former Grassroots at ACLU Nationwide
Lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma
In a relationship with Kc Curtis since June 20, 2008

Works at ACLU Nationwide
Studied at Yale Divinity School ’95
In a domestic partnership · Male

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Former Public Education Coordinator at ACLU Nationwide
Studied Public Policy at Harvard University ’94

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Former Intern at ACLU Nationwide
Single · Female

Former Legislative Assistant at ACLU Nationwide
Listens to Holly Long and Jacob Luttrell

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Former Music Man Group at ACLU Nationwide
Lives in Dawson, Georgia
Married · Male
Listens to Jim JonesLL Cool J and Rihanna

Former Painter & Decorater at ACLU Nationwide
Watches Moto GpF1 and Sports
Listens to Rock MusicBlues and Classical

Worked at ACLU Nationwide
Likes Basketball
In a relationship · Male
Listens to Boosie

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Works at Lyton Namubiru
Former CU at ACLU Nationwide
Studied at Kula ’00
Lives in Luanda, Angola
Single · Male

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