Obama administration won’t block state marijuana laws

The People or The Government for the people by the people need to expose, denounce, make resign, bring charges etc etc against the Federal Authority that has sustained this criminal inhumane treatment of Americans and others abroad shall also face their consequences.

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Of course, Obama has said this before, and following the promise the DEA and federal prosecutors vigorously prosecuted people who were following state marijuana laws, sending some to prison for years. So what Obama says sometimes bears little relation to what Obama does, but he’s saying it again (louder?) so perhaps this time he means it. It’s hard to tell. CNN reporter Evan Perez:

The Justice Department said it won’t try to block state laws that legalize marijuana and issued loosened enforcement guidelines for federal prosecutors intended to focus on serious trafficking cases.

Attorney General Eric Holder, in a conference call Thursday morning, notified the governors of Colorado and Washington that the department, for now, will not seek to pre-empt those states’ laws, which followed voters’ approval of ballot measures that legalized recreational marijuana use.

Marijuana will remain illegal under the federal Controlled Substances Act. But the attorney general…

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