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Eleguá Changó

Seven African powers and syncretic Catholic imagery

St. Barbara images and altar offerings. Syncretic blend of Yoruba pantheism and Catholic imagery.
A babalao priest conducting a divination ceremony. Babalao priest using shells for divination.

Lefever, Harry G. When the Saints Go Riding In: Santeria in Cuba and the United States (Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Sept. 1996)
Animal sacrifice all in a day’s work
Autorizan la primera procesión santera
Cuba’s Santeria Leaders Predict War, Government Collapse, Marital Infidelity in New Year
Cuban healer works magic
Cuban painter draws on Santeria
Death silences a Santería singer, but not the songs that she rescued
For santeros, religious freedom is anything but
The Free Exercise of Religion: Lukumi and Animal Sacrifice
La santería invade a México
Los abakuás mantienen sus ritos ancestrales
My Own Private Cuba
Santero denuncia que una asociación de Cuba lo espía
Santeros predicen éxodos y golpes de Estado
Santeros predicen un año difícil
Se extiende el robo de huesos en la isla
The Spirit of Santeria
With sackcloth and rum, Cubans hail Saint Lazarus
Cuban slaves spawned Santeria
Santeria priests in Cuba predict catastrophic year
Is Santeria Used as Ploy to Skirt Travel Rules?
Santeria priests see bad omens in coming year
Santeria priest ready for fight with Gables
Santeria leaders hope tolerance of faith’s rituals spreads

Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye
Santeria Profile
Santeria, A syncretistic Caribbean religion
Yo soy hechicero (I am a Sorcerer)

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