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Is the whole problem really the blacks?

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If nothing else, the war on drugs must end because no one is capable of waging it indiscriminately enough and it’s starting to look really embarrassing.

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It’s past time for Britain’s Labour opposition to get its act together about cannabis.

If you’re black and going about your day in England and Wales you’re 6.3 times more likely to be stopped and searched by police, a new report from Release and LSE revealed this week. Guns and knives are the focus of only a fraction of these searches: most are for low level drug offences, above all cannabis. And despite government figures suggesting use of the herb is significantly lower among black people than among whites, in some areas, such as Dorset, being black makes you 17 times more likely to be stopped. Get caught in possession of cannabis in London and the likelihood of then being charged multiplies 5 times. In the US, the arrest ratio of blacks to whites is just three to one, less than half that for the UK.

Looked at from the…

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Judges find DWP ‘fitness for work’ test breaches the Equality Act and is illegal

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A similar ruling was made earlier this year in respect of two people with autism and the unfair expectation that they be responsible for gathering their own evidence. Hopefully the DWP will stop now?

Drug addiction: The complex truth

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Reblogging this because it is so important. Many parents are put off the idea of using cannabis to help their children, due to fears about addiction. Cannabinoids are not like heroin or cocaine.

Marijuana / Cannabis Use In Pregnancy – Dr. Melanie Dreher

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If you’re wondering if there’s more, may I suggest you look at this too : For me, the big question is not ‘Would a larger study support or refute these results?’. The big question is ‘Why has a larger study not been conducted yet?’. Clearly, someone may not want us to know.

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