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This has evolved from a boyhood dream into a full time obsession.  While I mainly work for family.  I do all sorts of stuff, but mainly keeping Peace and Nonviolence at the top of my priorities is my life long ambition, as well as keeping my family Happy.  I vow in the name of my great great grandfather on the Cuban $100 bill, Francisco Vicente Aguilera, to be the best I can be, as was he and his grandson, my grandfather.  Combined, we create a Holy Trinity, to be sanctified with time through history.

I had started raising a pair of Vieled Chameleons from Saudi Arabia, but I sold them.  I don’t like snakes but I’ve kept many species of reptiles as pets from common to rare, and everything inbetween.   I have temporarily suspended my own private collection from which I want(ed) produce offspring, and work with select importers to obtain only the best in wild caught, hard to find Reptiles along with home grown, properly raised beauties.  But beauty is within the eye of the beholder and a curse at the same time.  Yet pressure makes diamonds.

We are creatures of habit, and I’m becoming successful at everything I do. Furthermore, it’s going to be fun breeding these magnificent animals!  I can’t wait to go at it soon enough!  The best thing is that I won’t sell what I wouldn’t buy, and I’ll stand firm behind that.  In the early days I worked with the C, D, & F grade animals and did what I could with them.  Cost was a factor back then, but not so much anymore as is time inatead.  I experienced and learned a wealth of knowledge by keeping, caring, and treating those animals however.  So when the time comes, I will strive to find the best for my customers, as I would expect any seller that I would buy from to do the same. And I will make the time to always be available for any questions or inquiries, whether customer or not.  For that, visit, where you can reserve your species or parties  in advance.  It’s another format simple as this site, so we can cross-promote/network if anyone would desire so!  Just trying to make things simple for mankind and womankind.  These sites are a ongoing construction zone, so feel free to contribute or work with us!

Thanks for your time!

The RSVP Network

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