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Vaccination rights attorney Patricia Finn threatened with criminal charges | New York


Vaccination rights attorney Patricia Finn threatened with criminal charges; New York State demands she surrender names of all clients

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(NaturalNews) Vaccine rights attorney Patricia Finn is being targeted by the Ninth Judicial District of New York State, which has threatened to strip her of her license to practice law and even file criminal charges against her. Finn is one of several “vaccine rights” attorneys across America who helps parents assert their rights to protect their children from potentially deadly vaccines. She’s considered a hero by many, but a villain by the status quo for daring to stand up against the vaccine-pimping medical police state that exists in America today.

I personally interviewed Patricia Finn forInfoWars Nightly Newslast night (February 27, 2012), and during that interview I saw and read the documents that contain the charges being leveled against her. Watch that full video interview at:

One document described her vaccine rights advocacy as “threatening the public interest,” asserting that her helping parents legally and ethically avoid toxic vaccines somehow puts the public at risk. This accusation makes absolutely no logical sense, of course, given that even the vaccine pushers claim their vaccines offer absolute and total immunity against infectious disease. Therefore, how can an unvaccinated child ever threaten the health of a vaccinated child?

New York demands surrender of her list of clients!

UNREAL! Perhaps even more alarmingly, a letter outlining the various charges against Patricia Finn included the demand that she immediately surrender her complete list of clients to the judiciary. When I saw this, it immediately set off alarm bells. This is not merely a gross violation of attorney/client privilege; it’s also a thinly-veiled attempt for the New York judiciary to terrorize the parents who have sought legal help in opting out of dangerous vaccines.

Furthermore, it could serve as the starting point for New York State to dispatch CPS workers to the homes of all of Finn’s clients, where their children might be kidnapped by CPS and sold into sex slavery (this is a common behavior of CPS workers across the country, where low-income children simply “disappear” into the system and suffer ongoing sexual abuse by state workers or even high-paying clients, similar to what happened at Penn State). I don’t have the space to go into all the evidence that CPS functions as a child kidnapping and sex slavery ring, but the organization isn’t called “Communist Pedophile Services” for no reason.

Patricia Finn told me during the InfoWars Nightly News interview that she would absolutely refuse to turn over the list of her clients, and that the judiciary even asking for such a list was a violation of state law. She said she would rather lose her law license than betray the trust of her clients.

Watch Patti Finn speak at the recent WV rally in this YouTube video:

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The Wakefield Effect

In an article written by Curt Linderman, Patricia describes the events that led to her being targeted for “legal termination” by New York:

This morning I was served with papers to suspend my license to practice law. The charges are bogus and come on the heels of my address to the Parental Rights Rally in WV. I am also being ordered to disclose the names of people I represent who do not vaccinate… I refuse. I would go to jail first before I give out the names. Please contact all pro vaccine choice organizations and the media… know the truth! I call this harassment the Wakefield Effect!(…)

The “Wakefield effect,” of course, refers to the outrageous and illegal censorship and oppression dished out to anyone who takes a firm stand against the vaccine industry’s lies. Merely questioning the mythology of vaccines makes you an instant target for endless ridicule and humiliation followed by a well-planned media smear campaign. Dr. Wakefield, who was viciously slandered by the British Medical Journal, has already filed a lawsuit against the BMJ to clear his name (…).

By the way, the author of that story on InfoWars, Curt Linderman, has just launched a new radio show onNaturalNews Radioentitled “Linderman Unleashed.” (

Robert Scott Bell interviewed Patricia Finn on NaturalNews Radio

NaturalNews Radio hostRobert Scott Bellalso interviewed Patricia Finn yesterday in what turned out to be a stunning audio report. You can download and listen to the entire audio interview at the RSB archives on NaturalNews Radio:

Highly relevant: Vaccines Armed and Dangerous

Robert Scott Bell andJon Rappoport, by the way, have just published an astonishing audio course that completely dismantles the lies andmythconceptionsof the vaccine industry. This audio course, which I have been listening to myself, teaches you a wealth of information you need to know in order to protect yourself fromvaccine zealotsand zombies who mindlessly try to push toxic chemical injections on you and your children.

Watch the trailer for “Vaccines, Armed and Dangerous” at:

Or just check out the full course at:

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Open Message to Police & Military Departments!

A MESSAGE TO POLICE AND MILITARY | Cannabis and Cannabinoids (PDQ®)

The following was excerpted from  But I must interject the OBLIVIOUS QUESTION of how come they have not updated their content with NEW research?   Our Most Prestigious Universities in USA have MUCH MORE NEW RESEARCH showing Cannabinoids shrink tumors and can ultimately get rid of them, it seems not just stop there, but the hemp and medicine do wonders for many things.  Modern Uses  BUT IT IS A MAJOR CONFLICT FOR OUR CURRENT INDUSTRIES!!

This complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) information summary provides an overview of the use of Cannabis and its components as a treatment for people with cancer -related symptomscaused by the disease itself or its treatment.

This summary contains the following key information:

  • Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. 
  • By federal law, the possession of Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is illegal in the United States. 
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved Cannabis as a treatment for cancer or any other medical condition. 
  • Chemical components of Cannabis, called cannabinoids, activate specific receptors found throughout the body to produce pharmacologic effects, particularly in the central nervous systemand the immune system
  • Commercially available cannabinoids, such as dronabinol and nabilone, are approved for the treatment of cancer-related side effects. 
  • Cannabinoids may have benefits in the treatment of cancer-related side effects

Many of the medical and scientific terms used in this summary are hypertext linked (at first use in each section) to the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms, which is oriented toward nonexperts. When a linked term is clicked, a definition will appear in a separate window. All linked terms and their corresponding definitions will appear in a glossary in the printable version of the summary.

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How do we escape from a monetary based economy?

“No government in history has ever planned ahead and directed society into the next phase of social evolution. Established orders want to perpetuate themselves. Unfortunately, it may take an economic breakdown and people becoming disillusioned with their leaders before they will seek an alternative social direction. Social change was always brought about by economic collapse, corruption in government, abuse of the population, radical revolution via strikes or riots, etc. Governments are generally comprised of businessmen, lawyers, and other self-appointed individuals with personal and corporate interest rather than upgrading society as a whole.”
By implementing a new type of technical methodology that offers tangible solutions for the preservation of invaluable finite resources and social re design. Like someone once said, the global elite have never strategically directed society competently, and this because of a monetary based ideology that finances and benefits self interests for those that control the system itself. When the populace is aware of the corruption, greed, and social dissection around them, they will demand change, which at this moment in time is evidently imminent. The invention of advanced technology has raced forward, but social design itself has remained relatively static, and it is vital that we implement new methods to preserve resources, re build our stratified social structure, and re create a world where there is socially, economically, and technological dynamic equilibrium. Subsequently, we will see an evolved abundant society where mankind can live in peace with global sustainability.

Child Support is UNJUST for Fathers

Child Support should not be JUST for fathers!

A look at the problems encountered by fathers with the CSA.

Representing Yourself in UK Courts and Fathers’ Rights
Helping fathers sustain a relationship with their child or children through the courts – The ‘joke’ is that fathers do not have any rights in UK courts.

Child Psychology and UK Fathers’ Rights
What is the research basis for decisions taken in family proceedings in UK courts. How does the attachment theory apply and is the concept of ‘maternal deprivation’ relevant?

Shared Parenting and UK Fathers’ Rights
What is the research evidence for UK courts treating both parents with parity of esteem in the eyes of their children?

Domestic Violence and UK Fathers’ Rights
What is the research evidence, if any, for domestic violence against males?

Mediation and UK Fathers’ Rights
If mediation does not work why is it so popular in UK courts?

CAFCASS and UK Fathers’ Rights
CAFCASS Officers make recommendations to UK court about children in family proceedings. But how do they operate?

Parental Alienation Syndrome PAS – UK Fathers’ Rights
What is Parental Alienation Syndrome and why is it not recognised in UK courts?

Baby ‘P’ – UK Social Services and Child Protection
What guidelines do Social Services in the UK adopt to protect the children in their care?

Fathers’ Rights – Australia
There are mandatory laws in favour of Shared Parenting in Australia. How did fathers in Australia achieve this change in family law and why is it now under attack?

Fathers’ Rights – Canada
Candian MP Anne Cooles talks about the problems facing young fathers in Canada.

Fathers’ Rights – USA
Some of the issues faced by fathers in the USA.

evenToddlers – COMMENTS

“Very many thanks for sending me a copy of your interesting and informative guide on ‘even Toddlers Need Fathers’. I much appreciate your drawing my attention to it”.

“I am very grateful to all those, like yourself who have written and particularly where you have been able to demonstrate your own thinking from the experiences you have had. Congratulations on your battle”.
Former UK Home Secretary and father DAVID BLUNKETT, 22 March 2005.

“The PRIME MINISTER has asked me to thank you for your recent letter and enclosure. The Prime Minister does not issue photographs of his children and therefore has to decline your request. He has however asked me to pass on his best wishes”.
1O DOWNING STREET, 8 March 2001.

“It was thoughtful of you to enclose a copy of your book ‘even Toddlers Need Fathers’ and HER MAJESTY has noted your concerns”.

‘even Toddlers Need Fathers’ – not for profit

American Cocaine Empire
































Stories in chronological order

In the beginning…

US Plane Seized with 5.5 Tons of Cocaine
San Diego Defense Firm Link to Mysterious 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust
DC9 with 5.5 Tons of Cocaine Was CIA Plane
DC9 Owner Still A Mystery
FAA Stonewalls Release of DC9 ‘Cocaine One’ Records
The Homeland Security Rackets
The Secret History of Cocaine One
Cocaine One Bust Lifts Veil on Global Narcotics Cartel
5.5 Ton DC9 Coke Bust Fallout
Dusty & ‘the boys’:The CIA, the Narco-Republicans & 5.5 tons of cocaine
Dusty & ‘the boys’ II – Black Budget Scandal
Sloppy Tradecraft Exposes CIA Drug Plane
Pilot Denies Involvement in Crashed Drug Flight
Bush Fundraiser Linked to CIA Drug Plane
Busted Drug Planes Flown by Same Operation
CIA Drug Planes Caught in Mexican Stand-off
CIA Drug Op in Sleepy St. Petersburg, FL
CIA Drug Plane Scandal Heats Up
CIA Drug Planes Part of Massive 50-Plane Deal
CIA Drug Plan Probe Targets 9/11 Figure
Four More American Drug Planes Seized
‘Hyena Pack’ Owned DC9 “Cocaine One” Busted in Mexico
Documents Sealed in ‘100 Drug Plane’ Court Case
CIA Drug Pilot Linked to Russian Mob
CIA “Ghost” Planes Hidden in Cayman Isles Trusts?
Drug Scandal Figure: DEA Guilty of Selective Prosecution

EU Officials: Investigate CIA Plane Caught with 4 Tons of Cocaine

Suitcasegate, CIA Drug Plane Scandals Meet in Miami

Suitcase-Gate Decoded: A Bad Day in Buenos Aires

 Deep Suitcase:  “A portable rectangular problem”

 Carlos Slim & the ‘Narco-Politicos’

9/11 Heroin Pilot Indicted in New Jersey
Pilot in New Jersey Crash Is Key Figure in Caribbean Probe
Arrested Pilot Flew Private Jets Owned by Clinton White House Official
Charter Company Ran Second Jet Off Runway
Charter Crash Exposed Criminal Organization
Venice FL ‘Terror’ Flight School Owner Arrested

New owner of ‘terror’ flight school in huge Ponzi scheme

Art Nadel ‘Ponzi Pal’ linked to 5-ton coke bust
Huffman Aviation Was ‘Continuing Criminal Enterprise’
Pilot &’Close Associate’ of Mohamed Atta Flew for Russian Mob
Big Safari, the Kennedy Assassination, & the war for control of the Venice Airport
The “Deep History” of the Venice Municipal Airport
Confessions of a drug smuggling CIA hit man
The Man Who Paid the Men Who Stare at Goats
Did Wally Hilliard Run ‘Ghost Airline’ for CIA?
Pilot for 9/11 flight school considered “grave threat to national security”
9/11 Drug Pilot Linked to Operation Blue Lightning
Will secret deal bring old management back to Venice Airport FBO?
Art Nadel guilty; New hedge fund owner takes over Huffman Aviation
60 Years of Drug Trafficking at the Venice Municipal Airport
Caught red-handed at the Venice Airport
“Venice was a quiet Mena,” says former drug pilot
Pilot of DC9 in 5.5 ton cocaine bust “escaped” custody in three different countries
From Tampa to Timbuktu…The American Drug lords in the news
Breaking the Big Taboo: 9/11 &  the New American Drug Lords
Teterboro Crash Trial Coverup
Is Chavez Crony Drug “King of Kingpins?”
9/11 Heroin Pilot’s 10-Year Crime Spree Ends
Tough on Chavez, Soft on the American DrugLords
Chairman Chavez, Oliver North, & “Co-Conspirators Not Named As Defendants”
It’s “Deja Coup” All Over Again
The 9/11 Social Network
Mexican Drug Cartels & ‘The Enterprise’ at Venice Airport
Congo Drug Smuggling Ring’s Big Texas Ties
The Return of “Barry & ‘the boys'”
Mohamed Atta & The Godfather of Sarasota County
9/11 Revisionist History Exposed
Truth, Lies & the Sarasota Herald-Tribune
DEA still ‘in denial’ on American DrugLords
Pilot of ‘Cocaine One’ DC9 is Re-Re-Re-Arrested
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