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Why is the ACS (American Cancer Society) relentlessly avoiding the CBD (Cannabinoidal aka Marijuana) Cancer Cure?

Many continue to ask…


…When we already have a CURE TO CANCER…
It’s [CBD Oil Concentrations] ala Rick Simpson Oil or RS-Oil (From The Cannabis Flower – a concentrate of high CHB and low THC / acéite alto en CBD y bajo en THC to en concentrasion de la florde Cannabis aka Marijuana).

I was checking my emails.  Suddenly this one caught my eye.  It was from the ACS, American Cancer Society and it was yet but another donation drive.  Suddenly I felt outraged, harrassed even.  If only many of us would unite for a class action lawsuit. How could they continue to push their old agenda when they should be cowardly hiding from the money they have stolen from humble people that donated while humbly really trying to help.  I bet they have donations from the gov. itself… money laundry?  The Doctors ave the proof and have commended it.  It is time you crooks stop stealing from honest citizens and if anything do a 180 degree turn and begin to update your database on facts regarding CANCER CURES.   BECAUSE THIS IS STUPID! ITS CYNICAL! ITS EVIL! ITS VILE! ITS CRUEL! ITS CRIMINAL!!!  Okay? Get it?   YOU ARE DOING A VERY WRONG THING HERE BY ALLOWING PAINFUL MURDER TO GO ON!

(Addition April 4. 2014: I still see companies dealing with those fraud syndicates, how despicable!)

WHAT YOUUU are doing along with the national institute of health and the department of oncology is called organized racketeering international criminal activity and you are all acomplices….  you are doomed.  RESIGN.   We know about the secret patent on Marijuana/cannabis (Patent# ), look it up.  We know you tryied to corner the market before okaying it on the fed level because then youd control it all, like you do with the prisons aka modern day slavery, like you do with the opiates and amphetamines through pharmacies.  All those professional people.. doctors and lawyers.. athletes.. regulars… everyone needs this.   INCLUDING YOUR FAMILY … if you rats have one.  And our soldiers… the ones that have not killed themselves that are returning and need help… they are also very very VERY upset with you clowns.   When did those rich of you decide to try turning America into a killer circus?

.. smells like revolution and the exposure of global not just local fraud to me.  If Cannabis not only has ailments, some super like the apoptosis manifesting properties but never has one person died cause of it or for it… unless killed or gunned down by cops or drugdealers or robbers…

Well MANY MANY MANY world wide have evidence of the major ring infrastructure in place to sustain the current metropolis circulating around the corruption of the federal manipulation on the plant for its potential of PROFIT by keeping it away from the people… PRIVATE PROFIT that is.

You see… the whole world gave us this magical plant.  it was and continues to be and will forever be, nothing less… than a gift from the cosmos.    Like GOLD.. another highly sought after “precious” metal for “value”.. except.. gold seems to just sit there or hang.. depends how you use it.  Some people drink it or eat it. Seen treats that look interesting, then seen the alcoholic drinks like Goldschlauger (no puns intended and not promoting them) and wow.. it hit me, how improper we were treating ourselves and the planet.  Dont get me started on Alcohol and how the church helped that but the church (despite the factual content for cannabis in the testaments) the church sold out to the states for tax free lands …and the state eats kids, teens, parents alive for mistakes that those people were not trained to confront.

The sad crazy part is not everyone has or will have the internet.  So they take advantage of this by filtering out who or what is at a place not convenient for the feds.  Its like we are living in a f***ing NIGHTMARE lol but you have to laugh about it or else you go insane! -_-   Dont try me though feds.. dont you dare tread on me.  Eagle eye brethren.. we are 1 and we have resources greater than your agendas database shows… I come from the real world that allowed you to recieve the gifts for which you play with in these day from this planet… all those things you think you have mastered… are but decks of cards stacked precisely…

waiting for that one point of tipping energy… and only sometimes you get to know where it came from.

ANYWAYS.. share this story on folks… it’s worth it if 1 out of 3 of us will have or have had or have Cancer.

Together, let’s put an end to Cancer!

Share this throughout the freaking world!

Happy Holidays & Have a Happy New Year!!

Save the birthdays


One hundred years ago, the word “cancer” was spoken only in whispers – a diagnosis often hidden from family and friends. With so few treatment options, cancer meant almost certain death.

But since that time, extraordinary supporters have rolled up their sleeves and changed the course of history. Nearly 1.2 million lives have been saved that would have otherwise been lost to cancer.

Still, 1 in 3 people will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Our work is not yet done.

Will you help us save the birthdays and finish the fight against cancer by making a tax-deductible donation today?

Every gift matters. Every gift will be put to work on behalf of cancer patients and their families. Every gift helps get us closer to a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Know that your support is critical and most appreciated,
Your American Cancer Society

Can We Use Modern Science Efficiently in time to save Earth?

Yes.. and using THIS tool is the answer.  BUT we need lots of people to use it and network on harvesting the best solutions available on a global scale.  Think of it as the Wikipedia of the Medical Field. Matter of fact.  Combine it.  Remove all possible profiteering opportunities.  Legislate against monopoly on a bigger scale.  Charge real criminals, don’t circumvent with abuse, that should be dishonorably frowned upon by real honorable Judges.  We should begin forced resignations of Judges against Cannabis. And all Gov employees against it.. this is at the importance level with domestic violence and hate crimes whether racism or homophobia crimes.

Next.. cigarettes/tobacco, big pharma and Alcohol

Upload and graphically compare your own data with NCBI Epigenomics tracks

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Recently, a new “Upload Tracks” system has been added to the NCBI Epigenomics resource to allow users to view and compare their own data with information stored at NCBI.

The NCBI Epigenomics resource, a comprehensive public repository for whole-genome epigenetic datasets, contains information from a subset of data in the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO), which has been subjected to additional review and annotation. Currently there are over 4200 viewable and downloadable datasets from over 1200 samples that have been isolated from five well-studied species.

From the NCBI Epigenomics homepage (Figure 1A), you can access the “Upload” page where your own datasets can be uploaded and displayed as tracks in the Epigenomics genome viewer.

Please note that the “Upload Tracks” feature requires logging into a My NCBI Account which facilitates the storing of information for future examination and also ensures that the data is only visible and viewable by the account holder. The uploaded information cannot be viewed, downloaded or used by any other user of the Epigenomics resource.

Once logged into NCBI, the Epigenomics “Upload” page (Figure 1B) contains fields for entering important metadata information as well as the dataset itself into the system.


Figure 1. A) The Epigenomics homepage has links for lots of helpful information and tools including the “Upload Tracks” feature. B) The “Upload” page contains a form for the input of relevant information about the dataset. Required information (a) includes Track name, File type, Dataset from either in an uploadable file or a public URL, Species & Genome assembly to serve as the framework for the alignment, and Feature type – specific histone modifications (e.g. H3K4me3, H3K27me3), DNA methylation, chromatin accessibility and more. Additional optional metadata fields (b) are also available for the user to store information which can be used for quick comparisons with other samples in the system.

Each user-uploaded dataset is listed in the “My Uploads” collection as an experiment (Figure 2A). This allows for uploaded data tracks to be selected for operations such as adding to user-created collections or viewing in concert with other database tracks in the customizable genome viewer interface (Figure 2B).


Figure 2. A) User-uploaded datasets are listed in the “My Uploads” collection and shown as independent experiments with supplied metadata, such as cell type, tissue type, differentiation state, etc. These are displayed in the filterable and sortable “Experiments” table. Using the check boxes, at left, to select tracks of interest and clicking “View on Genome” will open a window with the tracks in a customizable genome viewer. B) The uploaded data are shown at the top with user-provided Track names and directly comparable to selected Epigenomics experiment tracks, as well as other NCBI tracks containing Gene annotation, Genome-wide association study, Cited variant, and CpG island information.


N.C.B.I. Mission

General Introduction

Understanding nature’s mute but elegant language of living cells is the quest of modern molecular biology. From an alphabet of only four letters representing the chemical subunits of DNA emerges a syntax of life processes whose most complex expression is man. The unraveling and use of this “alphabet” to form new “words and phrases” is a central focus of the field of molecular biology. The staggering volume of molecular data and its cryptic and subtle patterns have led to an absolute requirement for computerized databases and analysis tools. The challenge is in finding new approaches to deal with the volume and complexity of data and in providing researchers with better access to analysis and computing tools to advance understanding of our genetic legacy and its role in health and disease.

NOW if our government could synchronize along with the commoners and foreigners to realize and raise awareness that living cells do not stop living outside of the lap or microscope.

Cannabigerol aka CBG (not THC or CBD…)

Cannabigerol helps grow new brain cells.  It’s a no-brainer (heh) to use it in cases of head injuries or disorders??!

Ask anyone related to head injuries why they were never told to use this element.  They will not get a serious answer from the doctor who prescribes the contrary medications being pushed by the empire of LEGAL drugs in America.

Dr Sanja Gupta


Many are counting on that CHANGE… Mr. President… Even Dr. Sunja Gupta has given into nature, all your bases belong to us… (the people)… AYBBTU

The Whole World is Watching.  Join us on !

Legalize Cannabis Nationwide along with Hemp stalks while the bigots are tied up with their internal wars.  No sense in dragging out others wars that bring no benefit.  If human casualty surpasses the benefits… then it is UN-NECESSARY.

Planta Med. 1987 Jun;53(3):277-80.

Identification of a new chemotype in Cannabis sativa: cannabigerol-dominant plants, biogenetic and agronomic prospects.

PMID:  3628560

 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

LinkOut – more resources

Full Text Sources

1Enough is Enough!  Join us at The American Activist Project on facebook here: (We have a chat room too. )

Insane Bong & Pipe Ban signed by FL Gov Rick Scott. 2x = Felony!

Submitted by WildSatchmo in June 2013

That’s right, starting July 1st smoking devices are now illegal in Florida. Anyone found in possession of a pipe two times (even if it has never been used) becomes a third degree felon. In Florida, this means you are permanently banned from voting. For a fucking pipe.

With one swoop of the pen Rick Scott may have put thousands of companies out of business, and their employees looking for jobs. They also need to offload their entire inventory before July 1st when the bill goes into effect (yea, only a couple weeks from now).

The bill I’m talking about is FL HB49 / SB1140

Specifically the bill bans:

(a) Metal, wooden, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic, or ceramic pipes, with or without screens, permanent screens, hashish heads, or punctured metal bowls
(b) Water pipes.
(c) Carburetion tubes and devices.
(d) Chamber pipes.
(e) Carburetor pipes.
(f) Electric pipes.
(g) Air-driven pipes.
(h) Chillums.
(i) Bongs.
(j) Ice pipes or chillers.

Bill Text:…

See for yourself. Governer’s Action: Approved…

From the final report:
Establishes the following five drug paraphernalia crimes:
1. use or possession of drug paraphernalia
2. manufacture or delivery of drug paraphernalia
3. delivery of drug paraphernalia to a minor
4. transportation of drug paraphernalia
5. advertisement of drug paraphernalia

Another disturbing revelation in the final analysis of the bill:

“…the Criminal Justice Impact Conference determined that SB 1140, which is similar to
CS/CS/HB 49, will increase the state prison bed population….”

The criminal justice committee met about the bill and noted in their summary:
“The bill may have a negative fiscal impact on state and local governments.”

“it may
have a negative prison bed impact on the Department of Corrections.”

“The bill does not appear to have any impact on state revenues.”

My previous post on this issue:…

Aaaaand.. Rick Scott’s facebook page.


Honorable Victoria R Brennan – Google+

Honorable Victoria R Brennan hasn’t shared anything on this page with you.

    It’s human nature to seek out a partner in life, and to possibly marry and have 
  • Childrens Rights Florida Falsely incriminating another. A person who knowingly gives or causes to be given false information to any law enforcement officer with purpose to implicate another commits a crime of the [fourth] third degree, except the offense is a crime of the second degree if the false information which the actor gave or caused to be given would implicate the person in a crime of the first or second degree.
    b. Fictitious reports. A person commits a disorderly persons offense if he:
    (1) Reports or causes to be reported to law enforcement authorities an offense or other incident within their concern knowing that it did not occur; or
    (2) Pretends to furnish or causes to be furnished such authorities with information relating to an offense or incident when he knows he has no information relating to such offense or incident.

Nephilim in Rabbinic Legend

Taken from

Enoch in the Rabbinic Legend

It was during the time of Jared, father of Enoch, that the angels, known as the Watchers came down to earth to take mortal women as wives and mate with them, and they beget monstrous children. Some of details of this can be found in the Rabbinic legend, the Haggada. Some of it resemble to the narrative found in the Book of Enoch. More detail about the Watchers and their children can be found in the book called the Book of Watchers, which formed the first part of the Pseudepigraphal Book of Enoch.

The leader of the Watchers was Shemhazai. He agreed with others to take women as wives, only if they sworn pacts to carry through this plan. Two hundred angels made the descent to Earth, at Mount Hermon. Two hundred angels were divided into group of ten, each under the leadership of chieftain or captain. Some of these fallen angels’ names are revealed: Azazel, Armaros, Barakel, Kawkabel, Ezekeel, Arakiel, Samsaweel and and Seriel.

They defiled themselves on mortal women, producing monstrous children. Their children grew to be giants of three-thousand ells tall, which is approximately 3420 metres in height (11,250 feet tall). The wicked angels taught their children all sort of sorcery and arcane knowledge.

According to the Haggada (book 1, chapter 4 Punishment of the Fallen Angels), the angel Shemhazai lusted after a maiden named Istehar, however, she tricked him to reveal the Ineffable Name of God. Istehar used the Ineffable Name used to ascend, thereby escaping violation by Shemhazai. God rewarded Istehar for her pious and her chastity by commemorating her as the seven-star constellation Pleides.

In Genesis 4:22, Naamah was a daughter of Lamech and Zillah, and sister of Tubal-cain. She was a descendant of Cain, hence a Cainite. Apart from this, she was not mentioned again. In the Talmud, Genesis Rabba (27), this same Naamah was mentioned as the wife of Noah, the hero of the Flood, but according to the Book of Jubilees 4:35, Noah’s wife was Emzara, the daughter of Rake’el; Rake’el being a brother of Lamech, hence she was Noah’s cousin. However, the Midrash: Genesis Rabba 23, mentioned that the sister of Tubal-Cain, was the wife of Noah.

In most sources in regarding to Naamah, she was known for her great beauty; and according to the Haggada, her name means “Lovely” (Zohar 32 says that her name means “Gentleness”), though the name was used for her skills in producing sweet sounds from the cymbals. She was idol-worshipper.

According to the Haggada, Naamah was the opposite of Istehar, because the angel Shamdon had succeeded in sexual union with Naamah. Naamah’s offspring was Asmodeus, a demon, instead of a giant (a Nephilim). Asmodeus appeared in the apocrypha Tobit.

According to the introduction of the Zohar, it was Naamah who first deceived and seduced the angels, not the angels seducing Naamah. Zohar 3 mentioned the angels, Aza and Azael, instead of Shamdon, they were victims of her beauty. She became mother of unknown number of demons, but there was no mention of Asmodeus. From this same chapter and passage of the Zohar, she was more than just a mortal woman. She would wander through the night and sleep with any man sleeping alone in the house during the waning of the moon, taking away their strength, like a succubus. So Naamah, like Lilith, became a demoness.

When Jared was 162, Enoch was born. Upon reaching manhood, Enoch lived alone in a cave, to avoid the wicked children (Nephilim) of the Watchers, when one day he heard a voice, appointing him as the scribe of justice. The voice told him to go to the Watchers and announced their fates and punishments for their wickedness for cohabiting with mortal women. Their offspring shall suffer for the sins of their fathers.

The giants consumed most of the food from men, before they began devouring ordinary people, and sucking their blood, like vampires.

Enoch was 65 when his son, Methuselah, was born. God had appointed Enoch as ruler and teacher. Hundred and thirty kings and princes had submitted to his dominion. He was known for his wisdom and justice. He was 243 when Adam died. There was a period of long peace while he ruled. But at this point in time, Enoch decided to retreat from the rest of mankind again.

On the last day, a giant steed arrived from heaven, to take Enoch away. After giving his final instructions to his people, he tried to leave. As he travel through the land, his people followed him. On the second day, he told them again to leave. Most obeyed, but six people continued to follow him. Enoch tried to persuade the last six people to leave him, or else they would die when he ascend to heaven. Still, they followed him, until the seventh day. A fiery chariot drawn by giant steed arrived from heaven.

The kings who obeyed Enoch to leave him, discovered the bodies of the six people who followed Enoch till the end. They seemed to have been killed by great hailstones. Enoch was taken to heaven on the same month, day and hour that he was born.

It was not the first time, Enoch was taken to heaven. Enoch had the great privilege to see every place at heavens on earth. Two angels, Samuil and Raguil, woke him, and escorted him to heaven. He was able to see each of the seven heavens and the angels who dwelled there, all the way up the throne of God in the 10th heaven. He also met the archangel, Gabriel and Michael.

Enoch was to be the scribe of God. From the book of heaven, Enoch copied down everything, filling 366 books about everything that happened in heaven and on earth. Enoch was said to have given these books to his sons.

The final time he was taken to heaven, he was transformed into an archangel, and his name was changed to Metatron. He was the prince of princes of angels.

After Enoch’s disappearance, Methuselah took over the mantle of patriarch and “ruler of the earth”, and was seen as a great hero in the Haggada, killing thousands of demons, who were offspring of Adam and the she-devil, Lilith; killed them all with his sword, which have the “Ineffable Name” of God etched on the blade. Methuselah captured Agrimus, the first-born of Lilith.

Click here for the original link.


3.Not children born of angels but children born of rich leaders
4.Descendents of Seth (followers of God) and decendants of Cain who intermarry and their offspring were refered to as Nephilim.

Painting of Nephilim:

Hoax photo of a giant skeleton:


Genesis 6:4
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

Read the whole of Genesis 6 to put the verse in context

Numbers 13:33
We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.”

Read the whole of numbers 13 to put the verse in context

What if I refuse but Police search me anyway?

Q. If I refuse consent to a search, the officer searches me anyway, and they find illegal items and arrest me, what if the officer lies in court and claims I did give consent to the search?

A. Sometimes cops lie in court. But you might be able to counter such a lie if your lawyer can prove to a judge or jury that you’re a know-your-rights advocate who’d never ever consent to a search. In fact, you can do this now by posting this video to your timeline.

REMIND Officer of OATH OF HONOR also in OPEN Court READ or REQUEST Reading as PERTAINING to CASE before the COURT example at www.oathofhonor.comINFORM Lawyer to MOTION to SUPPRESS FRUIT of the POISON TREE obtained with FAILURE to Exercise

Ordinary CARE and DILIGENCE in PERFORMANCE of DUTY as LAW ENFORCEMENT Representative OBTAIN from RECORDS DEPT. the INCIDENT REPORT required to be filed READ with LAWYER for DETERMINATION of BILL OF RIGHTS INFRINGEMENTS violations IMPLIED TREASONOUS behavior unbecoming of a OFFICER potential CROSS COMPLAINTS filing against PLAINTIFF’S False arrest due process failure(s) unlawful detainment harassment ABUSE of Authority SUGGESTED READING appeal to JURY TRIAL also SUSPECTED Federal CASE potential LAW ENFORCEMENT is not ABOVE the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND U.S.A. CONSTITUTION

PUFMM | People United For Medicinal Marijuana

The government sayes its a schedule I , that is to say it has no medical use . But the synthetic form of THC, the main chemical ingredient in the cannabis plant is curently classified as schedule III, a prescribed pill trademarked as marinol.

Medical Marijuana has now been decriminalized in 16 U.S. states & in Cannada.

The American Medical Association & American College of Physicians have both called on the federal government to review cannabis as a schdule I substance.

The National Cancer Institute, a part of the National Institute of health, added cannabis to its website last year as a Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM), & recoginzed that,”Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years prior to its current status as an illegal substance.” It also has a 80% approval rating among Americans according to several polls.


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