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Clean Energy 101

Clean Energy 101

No single solution can meet our society’s future energy needs. The answer lies instead in a family of diverse energy technologies that share a common thread: they do not deplete our natural resources or destroy our environment.

Renewable energy technologies tap into natural cycles and systems, turning the ever-present energy around us into usable forms. The movement of wind and water, the heat and light of the sun, heat in the ground, the carbohydrates in plants-all are natural energy sources that can supply our needs in a sustainable way. Because they are homegrown, renewables can also increase our energy security and create local jobs.

Our experts work to analyze the technologies and policies to build a cost effective, sustainable energy future. We aim to enact federal and state policies that support renewable energy, reduce barriers to the adoption of renewable technologies, and encourage all energy purchasers to use renewables. We also work to support improving energy efficiency, an important strategy to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, provide significant reductions in electricity use, and save consumers money. And while we transition toward clean energy sources, we advocate for technologies, fuels, and policies that reduce air and global warming pollution from fossil fuels.

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