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Visible Thinking

Purpose and Goals
Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic research-based approach to integrating the development of students’ thinking with content learning across subject matters. An extensive and adaptable collection of practices, Visible Thinking has a double goal: on the one hand, to cultivate students’ thinking skills and dispositions, and, on the other, to deepen content learning. By thinking dispositions, we mean curiosity, concern for truth and understanding, a creative mindset, not just being skilled but also alert to thinking and learning opportunities and eager to take them Continue reading

Philips Livable Cities – Latest to Reward Great Ideas

Livable CitiesIf you think of corporate America as cold, hard, and uncaring, you’re not alone. But several big companies have stepped up recently to prove they too have heart and want to help make our world a better place to live in.

The latest company with such a goal is Philips. Known for their electronics manufacturing of everything from MRI machines to big screen TVs, Philips has recently announced The Philips Livable Cities Award. This global initiative is designed to encourage and promote practical, achievable ideas for furthering the health and well-being of those living in cities throughout the world. As urbanization continues to spread throughout the world, and cities become more populated, common problems arise. Social, economic, and environmental challenges are growing rapidly and will continue to plague urban centers as populations become denser.

Philips recognizes that these issues require innovative solutions that will more than likely be presented by people within the entrepreneurial community. That’s why they’ve launched the Livable Cities initiative and are seeking input from those within that community.

So what do you get for solving the world’s problems? When you enter the Philips initiative in one of three categories (Healthy Lifestyle at Work & Home, Independent Living, or Well-being Outdoors), you have a chance to be awarded one of three grants, totaling $125,000, to help translate your idea into reality. Entries will be accepted through October of this year, reviewed by an international panel of experts, and awards will be announced in April of 2011.

So, do you have a simple idea that could improve the health and well-being of people living in cities? What are you waiting for? Watch the video to learn more, and then click this link to get

via Philips Livable Cities – Latest to Reward Great Ideas.

How to Hide from Friends You Don’t Like

With more than 500 million people now on Facebook, it’s inevitable that you’ll be friended by someone you know, but with whom you don’t want to share your online life. Once you’ve accepted them as a friend, how do you avoid them without the awkwardness of unfriending them? Continue reading

Universal House of Justice – Heard about it?

The Universal House of Justice is the supreme governing institution of the Bahá’í Faith. It is a legislative institution with the authority to supplement and apply the laws of Bahá’u’lláh, the founder of the Bahá’í Faith, and exercises a judicial function as the highest appellate institution in the Bahá’í administration. The institution was defined in the writings of Bahá’u’lláh and `Abdu’l-Bahá, Bahá’u’lláh’s successor, and was officially established in 1963 as the culmination of the Ten Year Crusade, an international Bahá’í teaching plan.[1]

Its nine members are elected every five years from the male membership in good standing of the world community by an electoral college consisting of all the members of each Bahá’í National Spiritual Assembly throughout the world. The Seat of the Universal House of Justice and its members reside in Haifa, Israel, on the slope of Mount Carmel.[1] Continue reading

Bahá’í Faith – Universal House of Justice

Seat of the Universal House of Justice, governing body of the Bahá’ís, in HaifaIsrael

The Bahá’í Faith is a monotheistic religion founded by Bahá’u’lláh in nineteenth-century Persia, emphasizing the spiritual unity of all humankind.[1] There are an estimated five to six million Bahá’ís around the world in more than 200 countries and territories.[2][3]

In the Bahá’í Faith, religious history is seen to have unfolded through a series of divine messengers, each of whom established a religion that was suited to the needs of the time and the capacity of the people. These messengers have included Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and others, and most recently the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh. In Bahá’í belief, each consecutive messenger prophesied of messengers to follow, and Bahá’u’lláh’s life and teachings fulfilled the end-time promises of previous scriptures. Humanity is understood to be in a process of collective evolution, and the need of the present time is for the gradual establishment of peace, justice and unity on a global scale.[4]

The word “Bahá’í” (pronounced /bəˈhaɪ/)[5] is used either as an adjective to refer to the Bahá’í Faith or as a term for a follower of Bahá’u’lláh. The word is not a noun meaning the religion as a whole.[6] It is derived from the Arabic Bahá’, meaning “glory” or “splendour”.[7] The term “Bahaism” (or “Baha’ism”) has been used in the past, but the correct name of the religion is Bahá’í Faith.

via Bahá’í Faith – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Daniel Estulin Exclusive: Bilderbergers are Terrified!

There was a powerful organization holding a meeting in Spain, that features some of the world’s most-influential politicians, bankers and even military chiefs. But you won’t know what they’re up to because the Bilderberg Club gets together under a veil of secrecy. Critics say it’s making big, world-changing decisions behind people’s backs. RT is covering the meeting near Barcelona and has spoken to Daniel Estulin, author and investigative journalist, who recently revealed his findings about the Bilderbergs to the European Parliament.  Iran is a big fake thing he sais while the U.S. military complex creates 13 bases in the middle of no where out in Afghanistan, bigger than EVERY other base we have in the world.

Daniel Estulin Exclusive: Bilderbergers are Terrified! – David Icke Website.

Awaiting the Market Crash

The Market Crash: Be Prepared.

As expected the growth from the distasteful bail out of the banking system is evaporating. Banks have less and less interest to lend to businesses and consumers, the weakest among them.

Once that economy has vanished we must set up an economy that will put the your work on the forefront: the interest of society is your job not the profit of banks which obviously don’t have the same interest as yours, creating job. Continue reading

10th Amendment issues debated by Americans

So I have met a group of smart folk on facebook discussin the 10th amendment and the abolishment of The Federal system, along with the drawbacks and side effects this would procreate intentionally and unintentionally.  Here I will go more in depth as to how I feel and howsome of them feel.  Hopefully, more participation will occur within this news report posting to arrive to the best-est solution possible, soon!  Cheers to that! Continue reading

The Truth Behind War.

In the case of every war that we have ever fought, as a human family, both teams have been played by US — but only one side has truthfully been played by us.

Now this is how typically, they work.

Each side sends the flower of its youth off, to tunes of glory, to blow the legs and heads of the flower of our youth of the other side, each team playing the role of the deity to the role of the other’s devil, in a curious inverted magnetic field conformation, more about which later on.

Take for example “OUR eternal” Jihad vs. Crusade situation, according to which the kids of both sides,

all members of one human family,

our own, Continue reading

InFlow Social Network Analysis Software for Business, Communities and Government

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is an interactive model of your organization, community, or industry worth?

InFlow 3.1 performs network analysis AND network visualization in one integrated product — no passing files back and forth between different programs like other tools. What is mapped in one window is measured in the other window — what you see, is what you measure. InFlow excels at what-if analysis — change the network, get new metrics — just 2 clicks of the mouse. InFlow is designed to work with Microsoft Office and the WWW. You do not need to be an expert in statistics to use InFlow. Continue reading

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