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In the name of Peace…

Call me a prince of peace, but I want a Peaceful Kingdom to exist on earth.

Very far fetched for many while I construct this dome like Roma, powerful and moving, like a kingdom, I will feel like a King once done. Work with me folks!  If you can change one person or two people, that in turn change two people and so on and so forth, it won’t be long, till we all reach a peaceful non violent plateau internationally eventually and inevitably globally.  Where we will all be able to comprehend/innerstand how and why to respect one another, due to properly caring about what’s going on in our lives and handling the situation to the best of modern technologies abilities.   I the founder learned a lesson while growing up, we are creatures of habits us humans, and some are born with extra blessings (visions/spiritual gifts/righteous ambitiousness) or skills some call them, learning to appreciate and utilize those skills can take you farther in life than you would of ever thought possible, sadly it takes some people more time to hone in on than others, some take lifetimes, others take reincarnations or other dimensional pathways.  In return, I am paying respect to those skilled at what they do (I see you & feel the honorable doings), and hope they participate in this global project.  The results will have the magnitude for lifetimes to come.  Lets accept the mysteries behind us as we reserve and record facts to help our future, by respecting today as it is a gift also known as The Present.  This will help us all out… to live with respect and pass on with as much dignifying respect if not even more, the more the merrier.

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