Statement to: The Occupiers

Well for one, whoever is running the websites and the facebook pages for the Occupy movement should start speaking up. They are the first to participate in most online activities.  We need to be more synchronized for swifter messaging and networking to the masses waiting to hear from us.   Please join the “Occupy Command” Page & Secret Group (for the facilitators) on facebook found at however you can not see it, unless invited. ( This way only the facilitators and moderators can interact without interruptions! ) (This is the page, join, like & contact us there.  Then you will get a special invite to the GROUP upon demonstrating that you qualify.

As far as a group for parents or people in general who cannot physically occupy, online organizations via virtual groups for these citizens is wise and honorable (every voice is important). Having any rogue moderations from these website or the facebook page does not make sense for solidarity. We need to stay together.

All of this is because of money – point blank – it all starts there. This is why the process began on Wall St. The banks have all the control and virtually control OUR government because of the money. Keep in mind when discussing corporatism with others that it does have different meanings in other countries. In the U.S. corporatism is a reference to big business which has enough power and money to challenge the state’s political power. This the core issue at hand. Seems the ones infiltrated are in it for money, to take advantage of the opportunity to sell shirts, recordings, evidence or other items/goods/commodities to end our movement and some even campaign for donations without consensus emitting the probability of thievery of donations.  Like the Master inside Wall St thieves from within. Make sure to research who you donate to!!

Maybe we should start by researching – who are these big businesses? Let’s start informing people with the right information. Informed people can make informed decisions. With the right information, the people of this country can make their statement with their wallet.

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