Ouroboros | Ourovurus Ophis

MANY have been complicit in an undertaking of a horrible conspiracy organized and executed by the “federation” of zionists.

Their “forcefield” is called ‘anti-semitism’… Karma…. I think tis time to introduce:



The correct term is Ourovoros Ophis (the tail-eating snake) and its greek from oura (tail) vora (eating) and ophis (snake, serpent). The Chinese had images of pig-headed dragons (the earliest dragon archetypes, 4700-2200 b.C.) eating their tails. Then it appears in Egypt. The Greek philosophers gave the sympol its name: Plato (in Timaios) identifies it with the first primordial, immortal, perfect being. The snake (or dragon, or winged dragon, in some cases) stands for a hermaphroditic symbol of rebirth. Generally the tail-eating snake is seen as a symbol of eternity, the endless cycle of life and death, but it is more complex than that: there is two quite different images of the Ourovoros – the one who bites his tail and the one who swallows its tail. The first is static (often painted half-black, half-white), dividing what is inside and what is outside, a symbol of perfection and balance between negative and positive, male and female, constructive and destructive, somewhat like the yin & yang. The second, however, is dynamic: it symbolises spiral movement and energy; when the snake reaches it head it dissapears, and so it signifies the whole and the absolute, consuming itself until it reaches the point where it has to start again. This is its symbolic use in Alchemy. Orphic cosmology (an ancient greek mystic movement c. 6th century bC) recognised the Ourovoros Ophis as the symbol of Aeon, the lifetime of All & Everything (the univerce), as the snake was wrapped around the cosmic egg, forming a perfect circle (Epikouros -341 to 270 bC- wrote: “the whole was from the beginning like an egg, with the serpent/spirit around it like a circle”). It was the codex of Markianos (11th century AD) that attracted Karl Jung’s attention to the symbol as an archetype, together with the term “One the Whole”. So the symbolism can be interpreted according to these two variations, as a symbol of a static, immobile, perfect universe that has closed the circle, attained wisdom and is at peace, or as a symbol of eternal energy, in the constant process of self-devouring and self-regenerating – “my End is my Beginning”; the latter version can be seen as a symbol of the eternally existing spirit and reincarnation or transmigration of the eternal soul…

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Oncoming Cannabis project to DOX these classy individuals!

Florida Senators



FL SENATOR Bill Nelson


FL SENATOR Marco Rubio

Florida Representatives




Corrine BrownDEMOCRAT




Kathy CastorDEMOCRAT


Ander CrenshawREPUBLICAN


Theodore DeutchDEMOCRAT


Mario Diaz-BalartREPUBLICAN


Alcee HastingsDEMOCRAT






Richard NugentREPUBLICAN






Ileana Ros-LehtinenREPUBLICAN




Steve SoutherlandREPUBLICAN


Debbie Wasserman SchultzDEMOCRAT

FL REPRESENTATIVE Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Daniel WebsterREPUBLICAN


Frederica WilsonDEMOCRAT




Alan GraysonDEMOCRAT






Patrick MurphyDEMOCRAT




Lois FrankelDEMOCRAT






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Eleguá Changó

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Michael Chertoff – Committed Treason? absolutely

Michael Chertoff’s Childhood in Israel

October 26, 2007

When the Israeli national Michael Chertoff, became the new head of the Department of Homeland Security in February 2005, I wrote an article in which criticized the U.S. Senate and controlled press for not addressing the fact that he is an Israeli national.
Michael Chertoff, an Israeli national through his mother – the first El Al hostess and Mossad agent, is Secretary of Homeland Security and was the Asst. Attorney General responsible for the Criminal Division of the Dept. of Justice from 2001 to 2003.
“On February 15, 2005, Michael Chertoff, an apparent dual national with Israeli roots, was sworn in as the second Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The new ‘homeland security czar,’ who oversees the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, seems to be hiding his own dual-national status – with the cooperation of the controlled press,” I wrote at the time.
It is absolutely outrageous that a foreign national should be in charge of U.S. “Homeland Security.” The fact that Chertoff’s mother was the first hostess on El Al and involved in secret Mossad missions is all the more troubling.
Michael Chertoff, as Asst. Attorney General of the United States in charge of the Criminal Division of the Dept. of Justice, personally supervised and controlled the entire FBI non-investigation of 9-11. Chertoff is the responsible person for the obstruction of justice and blocking access to the evidence since September 11, 2001. Continue reading

Richest People in USA as of 2012


1Bill Gates

Bill Gates

$66 B57Medina, WashingtonMicrosoft2

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

$46 B83Omaha, NebraskaBerkshire Hathaway3

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison

$41 B69Woodside, CaliforniaOracle4

Charles Koch

Charles Koch

$31 B77Wichita, Kansasdiversified4

David Koch

David Koch

$31 B73New York, New Yorkdiversified6

Christy Walton & family

Christy Walton & family

$27.9 B58Jackson, WyomingWal-Mart7

Jim Walton

Jim Walton

$26.8 B65Bentonville, ArkansasWal-Mart8

Alice Walton

Alice Walton

$26.3 B63Fort Worth, TexasWal-Mart9

S. Robson Walton

S. Robson Walton

$26.1 B69Bentonville, ArkansasWal-Mart10

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

$25 B71New York, New YorkBloomberg LP11

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

$23.2 B49Seattle, WashingtonAmazon.com12

Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson

$20.5 B80Las Vegas, Nevadacasinos13

Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin

$20.3 B40Los Altos, CaliforniaGoogle13

Larry Page

Larry Page

$20.3 B40Palo Alto, CaliforniaGoogle15

George Soros

George Soros

$19 B83Katonah, New Yorkhedge funds16

Forrest Mars, Jr.

Forrest Mars, Jr.

$17 B82Big Horn, Wyomingcandy16

Jacqueline Mars

Jacqueline Mars

$17 B73The Plains, Virginiacandy16

John Mars

John Mars

$17 B77Jackson, Wyomingcandy19 Continue reading

Secret Army: Gods Suns of Light For Ever Expanding

Home › Aliens-Fallen Angels › Secret Space War X: The Third Force Begins Its take-down of Mystery Babylon

Secret Space War X: The Third Force Begins Its take-down of Mystery Babylon

by Preston James



Is the Syrian gambit an Astounding convergence of pre-staged baffooneries?

In an astounding but brilliantly managed convergence of numerous pre-staged buffooneries, it certainly appears that the Third Force has now manipulated American Politicians, Intel, the Judiciary and Officials into a situation where they are becoming completely exposed for all the criminal and unconstitutional acts they have committed, thanks to the worldwide Internet’s dispensation of “truth nuggets” which make such readily apparent to many Americans for the first time.

Has the Third Force began its move to take down Mystery Babylon, the City of London Central Banksters, the folks who run the US Petro Dollar and hold most of the free world hostage with it?

It’s almost as if Potus is committing political suicide right before our very eyes while triggering the exposure of the rest of the USG’s serial lying, illegal warrant-less massive spying, staging of false-flag attacks and other false pretenses used to take America into illegal, undeclared, unconstitutional wars for defense contractor profits and increased police powers under the influence of foreign based powers which include the zionist city of London Central Banksters and Israeli-firster dual Citizens and NeoCon traitors.

Is there an “Alien Agenda” that has been set up by the Third Force as a master trap for the USG?

Is this all part of a big hidden trick of the “Alien Agenda” the USG entered into in secret after Roswell? Has the USG been enticed into a major trap by entering into a partnership with alien ETs to obtain advanced technology and has the USG been set up to become fully exposed and “sacrificed” as a part of a larger Alien Agenda run by the Third Force?

For those who do not accept the idea of an alien agenda being imposed on the USG and some other world governments, you are wasting your time reading this article. However if you have a desire to learn more about this perspective of the Third Force and its Alien Agenda is, you can refer to these two articles listed below.(1)


Some credible insiders have claimed that most top world leaders have had to enter into a contract with the Third Force which is really lucifer, the fallen one, the great deceiver of mankind, who has presented himself as the Annunaki Master Controller Chief Alien ET which is claimed to be an an inter-generational, inter-dimensional entity that is manipulating the world according to his alien ET agenda. This alien agenda seems to be parasitical within it’s hosts who then act as parasites upon the world after they become its super-elite rulers.  Continue reading

How to Remove a Mole by Yourself at Home – Discover Natural Secrets to Get Rid of Moles in 7 Days

Who would of known such resourceful cures to warts where at our fingertips!!! Banana peels, honey, ONION JUICE? wowwww.. amazing this planet. Namaste

Remove Warts At Home

Do you really know how to remove a mole by yourself at home? If you are really getting irritated and embarrassed because of a mole on your skin then this is the most important article for you. Learning to get rid of a mole by yourself is easy only when you know where to get help from and how to treat your skin moles properly at your home. Natural mole removal methods are very effective if you compare them to over the counter products. Read further to discover how you can get rid of these moles naturally within 7 days or less.
1. Use onions: Onions are very effective against moles. You will need to make onion juice and simply apply it on your moles. Repeat this process for few days and you will see your mole is getting disappeared in those days.
2. Use banana peels: Fresh banana peel…

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Get to know YOUR cannabinoid system!

Research in the past decade or so has intensified into the human cannabinoid system, its functions and responsibilities. A lot of this research and the studies are suggesting that Our own cannabinoid systems are critical to Anti-Cancer, Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Anxiety health benefits, even more so than our Immune System. For over 600 million years, every living organism with the exception of the Hydra, Mollusks and Insect classes has / have had a cannabinoid system, even humans. Only until recent studies have we started to truly understand the exact nature of our cannabinoid systems that, with a boost from pure cannabinoid extracts of marijuana plants, can give humans protection from many illnesses and diseases, as well as have preventative optimum health benefits . Yes, there have been for quite some time, synthetic versions such as Marinol, but these just do not exemplify the true curing and healing nature of real THC extract… as a supplement! Here are some facts about the Cannabinoid System and its Unique Functions:

Our bodies make endogenous (meaning “from within an organism” – natural) cannabinoids. One of the primary ones is called “Anandamide”, Sanskrit for “Blissful Amide”. Our bodies produce these, naturally, in response to a variety of conditions. Anandamides bind to vanilloid-Receptors to reduce pain (very well-known) and that adding THC-9 via pill or less preferably smoked, increases our anandamide production thus relieving pain (hence “medical” marijuana…right now). Taking aspirin actually prevents the breakdown of anandamides in our systems and “jumpstart” the natural production.

Cannabinoids have a very interesting way of protecting our cells and neurons from damage while eradicating bad ones, like Glieoma in brain tumors. ( I did not make that up!…all the time they were telling you it was bad for you “killing cells, ya know”)

Cannabinoids also boost our immune system into anti-inflammatory “mode” protecting you from auto-immune diseases and the free radicals your body creates – therefore receiving its anti-aging benefits, as inflammation is one of the 5 reasons that causes aging. Humans who intake THC-9 regularly, tend to look younger and live longer. Yup!

Cannabinoids can be used to treat and prevent certain cancers, such as Brain cancer (Glieoma), Skin cancer, Prostate cancer, Breast cancer, Lymphoma, Leukemia and Pheochromocytoma (cancer of adrenal glands). More and more studies are being done (quietly), which never really make headlines about treating additional cancers.

Cannabinoids not only help deal with cancers, but are also effective in treating, and possibly preventing, diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Glaucoma and Osteoporosis. It has shown to be an effective natural based treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s / IBD, Arthritis, Liver disease, Seizures and even Bi-Polar Disorder! More important, it was in use for many of centuries before for some of these very same purposes, until it became “illegal to cure ourselves“.

The main receptors that THC – 9 (and other cannabinoids) influence are known as CB-1’s and CB-2’s, that are located in the more “evolved” higher part of the brain. Humans have naturally poor pathways to these CB-1’s and CB-2’s but by ingesting Cannabinoids can “tap” into these higher realms of thought versus people who do not. People with extremely small or no CB receptor activity, cannot adapt to change as well as humans with more developed pathways. Studies indicate humans function in a more homeostatic balance with additional cannabinoids than those people who don’t.

Babies / offsprings get a cannabinoids “boost” in the mother’s milk to activate their eating patterns and instincts. There’s another reason to breast your child instead of formula based (btw-they are junk) – babies need real mother’s milk for many other reasons and there are health benefits to the mother too.

It is becoming undeniable through the studies that are allowed to be done, the vast positive health benefits THC-9 and other cannibinoids can have on the human body…all this time it has been stigmatized and vilified (yet loved by others) and no other force has been so merciless as to attempt to eradicate marijuana than the government.  Who’s interests are they really protecting?

If a government TRULY cared about its citizens…Why is there poverty, disease, social classes?

Cannabis Compound Boiling Point and Properties

Doing a couple research I had to do a post about it on here so everyone will be able to find it.

Cannabis is made of more than 65 different psychoactive chemical compound, but here is what you guys are looking for.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) : boiling point -> 157C (315F) flash point -> not sure
Properties: Euphoriant, Analgesic, Antiinflammatory, Antioxidant, Antiemetic

Cannabidiol (CBD) : boiling point -> 180C(356F) flash point -> 207C(405F)
Properties: Anxiolytic, Analgesic, Antipsychotic, Antiinflammatory, Antioxidant, Antispasmodic

Cannabinol (CBN) : boiling point -> 185C(365F) flash point -> 212C(414F)
Properties: Oxidation, breakdown, product, Sedative, Antibiotic

Cannabichromene (CBC) : boiling point -> 220C(428F) flash point -> not sure
Properties: Antiinflammatory, Antibiotic, Antifungal

Cannabigerol (CBG) : boiling point ->not sure flash point -> not sure
Properties: Antiinflammatory, Antibiotic, Antifungal

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) : boiling point -> 220C(428F) flashpoint -> not sure
Properties: Analgesic. Anti-inflammatory, Antibiotic, Antimutagenic

Pulegone : boiling point -> 224C(436) flash point -> not sure
Properties: Memory booster, AChE inhibitor, Sedative, Antipyretic

Here is a good pdf about other stuff that is not here, a good read.


Boiling point is what you guys are looking for when vaporizing, flash point is when it burned.

Edit: cannabis seem to start to burn at approx 500-700C and I’m sure the reason why I can’t find the exact temperature is because it depends on the strain of the plant.

Feel free to correct me on anything.

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