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Media Blackout As Obama Appoints First Ever Assassination Czar

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Media Blackout As Obama Appoints First Ever Assassination Czar

Corporate news blackout as Obama appoints John Brennan as the sole person in charge of designating people to be assassinated.

John Brennan, Obama’s chief counterterrorism advisor was a name that you did not see on the Mainstream media today as they continue to run stories that serve to distract the masses from stories that matter.

Most recently he publicly spoke about the drone program calling it moral and ethical and just.

According to reports from the Associated Press, John Brennan has now seized the lead in choosing who will be targeted for drone attacks and raids after Obama delegated him as the sole authority to designate people for assassination under the United States top-secret assassination program.

Yes, if it such a secret program then why is the Associated Press running a story on it? Because it is only a “top-secret” matter of National Insecurity when the public and organizations such as the ACLU request more details on it than is revealed int the propagandized reports the public is fed through the corporate media.

While this story deserves to have been put before the eyeballs of every U.S. citizens it was merely a side note ran by the Associate Press that didn’t make corporate news headlines anywhere.

According to the AP, under the new plan, Brennan’s staff compiles the potential target list and runs the names past agencies such as the State Department at a weekly White House meeting.

At the same time ACLU lawsuits and requests for information about the decision-making process behind the government’s assassination program repeatedly get denied with the government claiming the programs are so top-secret that they can neither confirm nor deny the programs even exist.

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and Legal Experts Destroy Rationale for Obama’s Assassination Policy.

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  2. Tony in MO says:
    May 24, 2012 at 10:11 pm Of all the people in this country, President Obama picks John Brennan to be the “assassination czar”? Brennan wouldn’t know a terrorist if one snuck up his backside with a case of dynamite tied to his rear end. Brennan has a hard time just saying the words, “Islamic Terrorist”. And with Eric Holder being A.G., how many CIA operatives or Seal Team members are going to put their lives and careers on the line when they would more likely be prosecuted by Holder for killing one of those scumbag terrorists?
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