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New Big Brother Cyber Weapon Can Turn on Your Computer’s Microphone, Take Screen Shots, Copy Data, Record Communications

Mac Slavo

To the disbelief of many of our readers, in a 2011 report titled Everything You Do Is Monitored, we noted that microphones and cameras on cell phones and computers allow interested parties (translated to mean your respective government) to hear and see everything going on in the direct vicinity of the device without the knowledge of its owner.

That these monitoring features are available on cell phones was a known fact, as FBI surveillance networks already have the ability to turn on any cell phone microphone or camera remotely without tipping off the user. It’s believed that thissurveillance technique can work even when the cell phone user has shut down their phone, with the only surefire way to prevent such surveillance being removal of the unit’s battery.

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Joint Press Conference by Spain & Israel

Statement by PM Netanyahu at a Joint Press Conference with the PM of Spain


Photo by GPO

Spain and Israel have a long tradition of friendly relations.  In recent years, we have developed these relations, and today we will discuss ways to enhance them.  In a few minutes, our Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Fuad Ben-Eliezer, and Spain’s Minister of Science and Innovation, will sign a bilateral agreement on industrial development.  I am confident that this agreement will benefit both of our countries.

Spain will soon be taking over the European Presidency, and I am confident that you, sir, with your leadership, together with the help of the Minister of Foreign Affairs whom we know well, Mr. Miguel Moratinos, will work to deepen the ties between Israel and the European Union.

via Statement by PM Netanyahu at a Joint Press Conference with the PM of Spain .

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