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Freedom Sovereingty = Lien your STRAWMAN


WARNING: This is usually too weird for people to grasp at first but FREEDOM motivates

Understanding Strawman Redemption

Living Persons (people), exist in a real world.

LEGAL PERSONS (corporations) exist in a fictional world.

Governments, Corporations, Agencies, FICTICIOUS CORPORATIONS, etc. are examplesof a LEGAL PERSON.

LEGAL PERSONS can only deal directly with other LEGAL PERSONS (agencies, states, etc.)

LEGAL PERSONS can not deal directly with Living Persons (You).

In order for a LEGAL PERSONS to deal with Living Persons, there must be a connection, a go-between.

To establish a connection, a FICTIONAL LEGAL PERSON was deceitfully created by the government.

For that purpose, your lawful name of birthright was fraudulently replaced with a LEGAL NAME.

Your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is not you, the living flesh and blood person.

Your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is the STRAWMAN (a fiction just make belief).

This was accomplished without your knowledge by using your birth certificates as the MCO (manufacturers certificate of origin) and the state in which you were born was used as the port of entry. (Admiralty Law – watch the video).

The artificial person created by law a with Your Name in ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS is the STRAWMAN.

This fraudulent act gives Government a LEGAL PERSON with whom to deal directly.



Legally, since Your birth, the STRAWMAN has been considered a debt slave.

Under such a fraudulent arrangement, You volunteer to take responsibility for the STRAWMAN.

The STRAWMAN is under government jurisdiction.

You are not under government jurisdiction, unless You volunteer to answer for the STRAWMAN by foolishly representing the STRAWMAN (YOURSELF) in court.

When You distinguish yourself as another party than the STRAWMAN, the two are separated.

You can distinguish yourself from the STRAWMAN in ONE DAY FLAT by filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement with a Security Agreement (use the templates).

Filing a UCC-1 Financing Statesment does 3 things for You.
a) – First, gain limited control over the funds in the account. This allows You to also move entries, figures, & digits for Your benefit.
b) You can become the holder in due course of the STRAWMAN.
c) – You have a $100 BILLION DOLLAR LIEN on the STRAWMAN (the lien is the thing)

The filing the UCC-1 Financing Statement gives You virtual ownership of the STRAWMAN.

You hold the claim, the superior claim, if any Government or CORPORATION wants to lien your STRAWMAN, they must pay your claim off first.

Some people see this as a form of Sovereignty?


Dont let it be!

You can do this IN ONE DAY by editing, printing, signing, and filing your UCC-1 and Security Agreement once done.. there is much to learn many options FREEDOM CALLS

Some of my friends did it, I did it, many others already have, and so can You!

How to fill out a UCC 1 Financing Statement 1155 UCC
Youtube videos:

Daniel Estulin Exclusive: Bilderbergers are Terrified!

There was a powerful organization holding a meeting in Spain, that features some of the world’s most-influential politicians, bankers and even military chiefs. But you won’t know what they’re up to because the Bilderberg Club gets together under a veil of secrecy. Critics say it’s making big, world-changing decisions behind people’s backs. RT is covering the meeting near Barcelona and has spoken to Daniel Estulin, author and investigative journalist, who recently revealed his findings about the Bilderbergs to the European Parliament.  Iran is a big fake thing he sais while the U.S. military complex creates 13 bases in the middle of no where out in Afghanistan, bigger than EVERY other base we have in the world.

Daniel Estulin Exclusive: Bilderbergers are Terrified! – David Icke Website.

Dear visitors…


I get a lot of emails as to why I do not bring up notions such as the “New World Order”, “Illuminati”, “Zionism”, “Secret Societies” and other popular occult/conspiracy concepts which are very topical in this day and age. While I, of course, acknowledge the “men behind the curtain” and the various levels of manipulation and corruption of the ruling class, it must be understood that I do not differentiate between the high level, elitist criminal- and the commonplace, petty criminal.

They are both different extremes of the same sickness. On one side of the spectrum, you have the wealthy elite who maintain a compulsive addiction to power, control and material wealth. This is due to a constant, endless need for more and more self-preservation, which is derived from the psychological impressions of “Scarcity”.
On the other side you have poor people, living clearly within scarcity, who are without options for survival, and are forced into corrupt behavior in order to stay alive.

Sadly, the idea of “corruption” has become highly stylized today, and Hollywood and Tv constantly reinforce the excitement of this so called ‘criminal’ behavior and this perpetuates the sickness to new levels.

Now, for many, the above distinctions are likely too general.  Some would say things like “what about the columbine massacre… they were middle class kids from decent families”

Aberrant, seemingly irrational, violent behavior comes from a low self-sufficiency. This is the result of an up bringing which does not intelligently cater to the needs of a growing mind, nor giving him or her the tools to understand the world around them. Mental Distortion comes from Social Distortion and if we ever want to see a world without the constant manipulative, violent abuses, we have to do what has never been done in any real way:

Examine the social system and the bio-social pressures it perpetuates inherently.

Now, I’m not going to go into all of the elements required to fully explain how sick our society is and how the religious systems and profit systems have twisted the general human mind into a perverse, selfish, divisive mentality.

However, what I will say is that to be “Normal” in our world, actually means “Screwed up” to many.  Try to not be one of those, for you will find people like me “crazy”, per say.

Now, coming back to my original point- I want everyone to understand that putting the blame on the “globalists” or the “new world order” crowd is a cop-out. These people are manifestations of the system and even if you imprisoned all the elite at the top, a new set of corrupt people would take their place overnight. This means that it isn’t “groups” we should be concerned with… it is the environment.

There is No “They”

It’s time we grow out of the “us against them” mentality. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t be activists against the constant social corruption. We have to do that.  But, we must stop this nonsense that we are “at war” with something. This is an illusion. Martin Luther King Jr. had it right. The most powerful weapon you can have is unconditional love.

Now, we must think about what is truly important for Change. Is researching and understanding the nuances of the Bavarian Illuminati and all its symbols going to help bring change to the world?

No, it isn’t.

While social history might be important to understand, we must get our priorities straight. The fact is, “exposing the criminal elite” along with things like 9/11 is only half the game. True change will come not from an angry group of abused people. It will come from a positive awareness of what humanity ‘could be’, if we all wake up and realize our possibilities. Once the species understands that there IS enough to go around, that we are One, and that our integrity is only as good as the integrity of the rest of the planet…then a new focus will emerge, and all the “secret societies” and the like will lose all power. All the “New World Order” is.. is a hard up group of damaged human beings who think world domination is a rewarding goal. They are no different that the ignorant frat-boys of Skull and Bones and any other childish group elitism. They are just sad, and it’s time we stop all the pontification about their infamous “power”.

The power elite are only as powerful as we allow them to be.



ps: I have also been getting emails asking why I do not respond to Alex Jones’s attacks.

Very simply, Alex isn’t worth the time. He is just another victim of culture… a damaged mentality who thinks we are at “war” with something. Sadly, he is very dogmatic in his beliefs, and while I think Alex is a decent person overall, his “us and them” worldview is more dangerous than helpful. I feel he perpetuates the same mentality of the people he claims to fight.  Perhaps even a well paid decoy to further distract the population.

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