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DaVinci Code is fiction but the SEGNPMSS code is not

This kind of freaked me out while googling for ‘Rothschild family-tree’ images, but then I thought, this is not so freaky in nature, considering the facts of whats going on in our world these days.  This very interesting blog is constructed by a very good writer and a well spoken woman by the name of Barbara Schwarz, made me think of Schwarzenegger, Arnold. hehe, thats also my name, Arnold.

This is what her profile shows and then follows the actual blog I’m re-blogging:

“ABOUT ME: This blog is not meant to become another forum for discussions, and its purpose was to reach/find Marty or Mark de Rothschild also known as the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology. He is NOT the Marty Rathbun who resides in Texas. (See the original Marty and my photo in the archive, the very first posting of this Blog of December 12, 2009 at the original source.) He is the love of my life, my prince and husband. He knows better than anyone else who I am.

I posted many years on Usenet (ARS) but I got tired of the lies, the defamation, the libel, the harassment, the forgeries by certain people there including their desperate attempts trying to rip Marty out of my heart or come between us, which all failed.

Marty and I are Scientologists. Continue reading

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