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Circle of Evil – highest ranking antiCannabis officials DOXed. Share This!!

For far too long the people of the cannabis community has battled a faceless enemy… that has been hiding behind  lies, different names, different titles, different positions of power, different corporations and corporate logos. This page with names and brief descriptions is an example of the over 400 Narco-Warriors that Team Vendetta has investigated, doxed, and compiled information on.  Let’s end their game. Starting with Dr. Kevin A Sabet; Obama and the Drug Czars Senior Drug Adviser.
Enough is Enough.

We Do Not Forgive

We DO Not Forget

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NCUA.Gov | National Credit Union Association


For the Bank Secrecy Act info scroll all the way down to the bottom!    lol… like white on white rice, we r onto you.  Should of expected us. Continue reading

Facebook finally promotes peace to stay alive.

Facebook was a big player in the imperial modern day slavery machine.  When they realized that Peaceful Desires were bringing people to unite against the machine that was destroying the people world wide through divide and conquer tactics they decided to join in the fun.  Why resign like the rest of the fascist monsters, when after all, if you can’t beat ‘us, join ‘us.  Don’t become a statistic.

Based on you can somewhat monitor a chart on the social interactions regarding SOME countries.  This is a major GLOBAL project but for the problems going on world wide, I commend the engineers behind this peaceful venture.  CHEERS!!

Come Together

PNVP.Org, PUFMM & Facebook is proud to play a part in promoting peace by building technology that helps people better understand each other. By enabling people from diverse backgrounds to easily connect and share their ideas, we can decrease world conflict in the short and long term.

Learn More about Peace Innovation

Share Your Thoughts

What do you think about peace and technology? Do you think we are moving towards a better place?

Facebook Stories

Read stories from Facebook users all around the world.

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Friendships on Facebook

Below are the friend connections created each day between people of different regions, religions, and political affiliations.

Note: Daily friending numbers for Albania and Serbia include Kosovo.

  • Geographic
  • Religious
  • Political


Israel-Palestine Connections in the Past 24h

Is World Peace Possible?

Every day, we ask thousands of people on Facebook in their own language:

Do you think we will achieve world peace within 50 years?

In the U.S., 13.44% believe that we can. How can we grow this number?

Anonymous hacking spree hits PayPal, Symantec

The hacks are apparently just the beginning of document dumps and defacements for its day of protest, the 5th of November, aka Guy Fawkes Day.

The press arm for Anonymous has announced that it has begun its hacking spree for the 5th of November — Guy Fawkes Day — and claims to have dumped user and employee account information on accounts from PayPal, Symantec, Australian government Web sites and much more.

Monday’s main focus seems to be an anti-surveillance protest — as with the recentAnonymous October 20 protest — with November 5th intent aimed at surveillance systems such as TrapWire and INDECT.

Trapwire and INDECT’s opponents believe that the surveillance systems to be direct threats to privacy and certain civil freedoms and that their implementation could constitute human rights violations.

According to the various Anonymous Twitter accounts announcing the hacks and linking to document dumps, this is just the beginning of doc dumps and defacements for its day of protest. News of the protest is being shared on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pastebin.

Australian Government Hacked by Anonymous for Nov 5th

The hacktivists have also included in its Nov. 5th announcements tonight the hacking and defacement of Australian government sites, ImageShack and PayPal (claiming a zero day exploit), Ascension Australia, and Lady Gaga‘s fan site (claimed for the spree by “Pyknic”), Saturday Night Live’s Web site, Australian steel and mining company Arcelor Mittal, homewares website GiftNow, the Greek City website, the Ghana Consulate Web site, and claim to have leaked VMware ESX Server Kernel source code via twitter today.

Anonymous Australia seems to be the most active at this time.

At the same time, the press arm for Anonymous has announced — via a press release on Pastebin — that it is rallying the public for an in-person V For Vendetta protest at The Houses of Parliament, at 8 p.m. in London.

Protesters in Canada will get a rude surprise if they don Guy Fawkes masks — because last week Canada’s House of Commons approved a bill that bans people from hiding their faces during riots.

We’re watching and following the developments as they happen.

And right now they’re happening fast — and furiously. 

This story originally appeared at ZDNet under the headline “PayPal, Symantec hacked as Anonymous begins November 5 hacking spree.”


New Big Brother Cyber Weapon Can Turn on Your Computer’s Microphone, Take Screen Shots, Copy Data, Record Communications

Mac Slavo

To the disbelief of many of our readers, in a 2011 report titled Everything You Do Is Monitored, we noted that microphones and cameras on cell phones and computers allow interested parties (translated to mean your respective government) to hear and see everything going on in the direct vicinity of the device without the knowledge of its owner.

That these monitoring features are available on cell phones was a known fact, as FBI surveillance networks already have the ability to turn on any cell phone microphone or camera remotely without tipping off the user. It’s believed that thissurveillance technique can work even when the cell phone user has shut down their phone, with the only surefire way to prevent such surveillance being removal of the unit’s battery.

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The History of Free Energy Suppression (via Free Energy Community)

The History of Free Energy Suppression    There has been a revived energy revolution movement going on around the world over the past 20 years and strongest in the past year, that has not been covered or reported by mainstream press, established scientific journals or university research publications. Most of the discoveries have been made by curious, ingenious minds, who on many occasions have observed experimental results in cold fusion, superconductivity, and magnetic motors which … Read More

via Free Energy Community

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