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Will you help pioneer PNVP.Org ?

The Globalizational Peace Strategy, sometimes called The Peace & Non-Violence Project (PNVP.Org), is currently being engineered|pioneered by a few folks.  We’d like to have many more on board and showcase their educational levels and achievements, be it a University or many. We aim at inevitably involving the Governments of Nations (like India, China, and Egypt, that are helping fund “The Universal Library” through scanning facilities and personnel. So farThe Internet Archive (archive.org) has contributed 100k books from the Kansas City Public Library along with servers to India. The Indian government scanned the appropriate books. The Internet Archive has performed automated conversion of these scans into an enormous collection.)  And what if every nation contributed, along with their chosen governments, bringing down corrupt authorities that sustain corruption, abuse and murder.  So far we have a large accumulation of data, and here’s some more:
American Libraries | Canadian Libraries | Universal Library | Community Texts | Project Gutenberg | Children’s Library | Biodiversity Heritage Library | Additional Collections

Follow and work with us.  Contact us, leave comments, leave questions, suggestions or advice.

United we are not divided and conquered, but strengthened and empowered.


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